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What did you accomplish on your cleric/priest/bishop?

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Happy2Days Level 208 Bera Bishop
Feel free to share, brag, ask questions etc...!
OT: went on a group boss run, fantastic
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still trying to patch a stupid maplesea thingy.
Oct 25 2012
xProHeal Level 215 Khaini Bishop See what games, anime & art xProHeal is intoJulian
OMG it disappeared!

OT: Did some of the Halloween events and used somewhere around 30 random beauty coupons. Went on a Zak run and died due to lag . Also got 3 gallant emblems.
Oct 25 2012
jnaka Level 185 Scania Bishop
Killed PB with Guild
Gained 50%
Now im trying to merch again to buy my full empress
... pretty good day
Oct 25 2012
nc4228 Level 205 Kradia Bishop
Just search it up. This is not rocket surgery.
Oct 25 2012
nerdi Level 212 Scania F/P Arch Mage
passed ab 20/30! having level 10 ab sucked at lv172 lol.
Oct 25 2012
UNfazed Level 211 Reboot Night Lord
Finally bought an empress wand
....then fail scrolled it horribly
Also, solo'd Zakum without too much trouble. Sucks that they nerfed the helm drop rate now I can't get easy charm :c
Oct 25 2012
Happy2Days Level 208 Bera Bishop
Just search it up. This is not rocket surgery.[/quote]

I'll be quite impressed if you can bring the old thread back to first page of C/P/B
Want to help out =/ ?
Oct 26 2012
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