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What did you achieve on your Wild Hunter today?

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Pheonixsblaze Level 198 Bellocan Marksman
I think the previous thread was locked since January.
I got from lv 117 to 118 and realized Evo World Link 3 is easy to drain hp from.
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Went through a few channels in LHC and did the only thing wild hunters are good for.[/quote]

Trying to make us assume WH are "only good for glitching"? Well they aren't. They're good at mobbing, 1v1, and pretty decent at bossing. Just because you can't fund one decent doesn't mean they're only for glitching chs. I've never done it yet someone at LHC always has to ask -.-
Apr 22 2013
Business Level 137 Broa Cannoneer 4
Didn't realize the Will of Alliance skill would take me almost 2 hours, but I finally got it Range went up by 2k. also got my Hero's Will skill.[/quote]

your videos are cool lol

OT: Doing gold beach lol
Apr 22 2013
i found out marksmen and wild hunter share the same mastery book for the crossbow mastery passive
Apr 23 2013
sacklaca123 Level 200 Elnido Wild Hunter 4
came back after a couple of months of break
tried out these new hyper skills and already loved them
Apr 23 2013
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