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What did you achieve on your luminous

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  1. Im not playing luminous anymore, so i asked ImWada to make a new thread haha,
check the link under.
  1. I also have a new basil ID, here.. Why? Because my name now is 'AdmiralJett', and im not even playing a jett.

But, here's the new thread, go check it out

[url=]What have you achieved on your luminous today[/url]
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GrammarJew Level 207 Broa Blade Master
I just got to 2th job, lol[/quote]

...2th job...

I read that as "tooth"
Dec 05 2012
ChildsPlay Level 50 Windia Cleric
Level 30 right now. Hoping for 3rd job tonight.
Dec 05 2012
project1337b Level 186 Bera Zero Transcendent
I unwillingly left Lania for dead.
Dec 05 2012
doc Level 210 Bera F/P Arch Mage
Anyone else having trouble with equilbrium? it's not working even when it's fully charged
Dec 05 2012
fire0dude Level 132 Scania I/L Mage
Just destroyed my home in dark side :@
Dec 05 2012
CountOnMe2 Level 222 Windia Wild Hunter 4
128 rene to dead to levelfaster
Dec 05 2012
mapleshifter Level 200 Scania Blade Master
@Skyenets dam 112 you beat me and i'm on 2x exp now lvl 84 LF>HS.
Dec 05 2012
Capricious Level 82 Windia White Knight
Leveling up slowly at dem golems, y'know? almost level 30 now.

Happy that we don't have to pick a side, but sort of bummed to see that what's her face is left for dead near the end of the tutorial story.
Dec 05 2012
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