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What does legit mean nowadays?

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ZeroByDivide Level 250 Broa Luminous 4
Repost, because old thread got trolled and locked.

I posted this rant as a comment on my video addressing InmateSearch, as a reply to someone still accusing InmateSearch of being illegitimate. I'll repost it here because I feel like it will get more attention. Let me know you guys' opinions on this. Here goes:

Everyone has a different definition for the word "legit". Legitimacy can range from whether someone hacks, bots, account shares, uses dupes, exploits etc. But the question is where do you draw the line? I've already confirmed that InmateSearch does not hack or bot, judging from his experience gain. If I were to train for 22 hours (like I did for a whole week), I'd gain roughly 250b exp on 1x, while using the party play method. I've heard that InmateSearch trains 18 hours, yet he gains 350b a day. The most likely explanation for this is that he's using the duped 1.5x boxes. That raises the question, does him using 1.5x boxes, make him illegitimate? He's still training a crazy amount of hours a day, so does him using duped buffs negate his effort and make him illegitimate?

As for the rumors of him account sharing, he's posted on Southperry, that his vacation is ending on the 29th of Jan. If this holds true, then he should either stop or slow down by a lot. If he continues to train at this rate after the 29th, we'll be able to confirm either that he lied about his vacation ending, or he is indeed account sharing. The final point I wanted to bring up was the party play method. Some people are saying that this is an "exploit". Does this mean that I am illegitimate? I've been playing Maplestory for 8 years, and I've never touched a hacking program, I've always tried my best to stay away from any dupes or exploits, which is why I feel strongly against people calling this training method an exploit.


tl;dr I still think InmateSearch is legit
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Simcaz Level 200 Windia Blaze Wizard 4
The 1.5x boxes are duped, of course it's not legit to use duped items, in any way at all.
Jan 28 2014
Skarppp Level 200 Broa Kaiser 4
I believe that inmate is possibly legit
But I do have to admit
my dc's do not work on him
it may be slim
this is just on a whim
He could be blocking the headers
Now it's time for some Chinese checkers
Jan 28 2014
Castrius Level 202 Renegades Zero Transcendent
idc at this point. Mostly everyone high level or with a ton of meso has participated in taking advantage of glitches or exploits. But as long as it doesnt affect my characters or my playing experience i could care less.
Jan 28 2014
everyone has mesos that have been obtained through illegitimate means, if people are really that technical no one is legit
Jan 28 2014
Kaneusta Level 201 Scania Xenon 4
Hey Zero! Good luck to both of ya on the goal to 250.

Anyways continuing on,
From what I recall, someone said Inmate did the calculation and said he would he would 250 by wednesday anyhow- considering the average amount of exp he gets per day. If he doesn't, oh well.

Continuing on, the party exploit thing- I don't consider an exploit. He's not using a VAC hack or anything of that sort, or using anything that is outside of game aka third party programs. It's inside the game, and everything he's doing he is doing from within the game. I see no problems with it. He is perfectly fine doing it and so are you, and I know many high level players does it to powerrush a new character to level 120ish at Romeo and Juliet or such with a lvl 170+ Phantom/Kanna.

It's within game, and it doesn't require anything outside of game to make it work. It does not change any of the game mechanics either. He's perfectly legit in my opinion as well.
Jan 28 2014
Now now take it easy,
being legit is simple to me.
Don't use 3rd party programs,
but to some, legit is more to them.
Jan 28 2014
Endless102 Level 219 Broa Luminous 4
My man don't worry
instead lvl to 250 in a hurry
Its a game no need to fight
so instead sleep at night
But it looks like you wont be number one
Buts its ok you still have Adrian's bun
In your race to 250 you have gained alot
But you found friends on the dot
So lets get along
Everything will be ok Zhong.
Jan 28 2014
Skarppp Level 200 Broa Kaiser 4
I have a better idea than rhymes.
Time to write haiku

Scott has fun with moons
Nobody can stop my moons
no map spawn for you
Jan 28 2014
Star909 Level 220 Windia Phantom 4
I'm pretty sure he said he wasn't using the 1.5 boxes because they would be too expensive for his wallet. Now what he is doing is considered an exploit by many. Some as a glitch. But to call out abusing a exploit would be similar to calling many speed-runners illegitimate because they have to heavily abuse exploits and glitches. Do we technically call them illegitimate because of that (well the glitch category is it's own category but I digress)? I think only Nexon holds the power to tell whether he is legitimate or not and no one really should be able to call him out without being a Nexon employee.
Jan 28 2014
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