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What gloves are people wearing nowadays?

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SingleFate Level 150 Scania Blade Master
Just came back to maple after a reasonably long break. Last time I played was when 10 att wg's were all the rage and cost like 300m each. Now I don't see any wg's in the fm. What's up with that?
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freezenlight Level 48 Khaini Battle Mage 2
there trash now, you can buy dimension gloves which has better stats for like 10m.
The only reason why 10atk wg was worth so much was cause of MTS, now that there gone so is the wg.
Sep 29 2014
xFinalSorax Level 202 Windia Shadower
Mts is gone, so it's not as hype anymore. Gloves people usually wear are dojo gloves.
Gotta get top 50 in the rank to get it.
Sep 29 2014
Anthorix Level 201 Windia Mechanic 4
Scroll with spell traces/incredible chaos scrolls of goodness-
Dimension gloves
Empress set gloves
Sweet Gloves


Sep 29 2014
Dorks Level 215 Bera Night Lord AUniversityO Guild See what games, anime & art Dorks is intoDorks
i don't think you can make wgs anymore idk really. but yeah they're not so useful anymore, except maybe a dummy glove for SE or something. I still have my bomb 16atk wg from the MTS days with a SE neb on it.
stormcaster gloves are easy to get, dimension gloves even easier at 140. you could use emp gloves too because they're probably really cheap on your world and it counts for a set
Sep 29 2014
xDracius Level 150 Khaini
Italian leather.
OT: Dimension Gloves if you're poor, Empress if you have the set, Dojo if you're strong, Tyrant if you're strong and rich af.
Sep 29 2014
SingleFate Level 150 Scania Blade Master
Okay, thanks everyone! I bought 16 att dimensional glove for 10m, and I also had no idea about the empress set so I bought an empress dagger and katara for 5m each. All in all my range just increased by over 2,000. Phew, how things have changed! Thank you guys so much!

EDIT: What is a 100% tier glove?
Sep 29 2014

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