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What is your favourite thing to do with your free time?

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ashleyattacked Level 210 Scania Cannoneer 4 Reconcile Guild See what games, anime & art ashleyattacked is intoalisaattacked
I'm referring to things such as hobbies, games, art, etc. And...I know a subject like this is more often used to claim what you wish was true vs what actually is true...
So I think it'd be really cool if people actually gave an honest answer regarding what they enjoy the most to do outside of life preparation/preservation type duties.

Personally my answer is reallyreally easy...but hard to rly word unless you know the subject. Basically its a combination of ballet/gymnastics. I've been doing it basically daily since I was 4 years old...and it's far and away my favourite thing to do. I make time for it before anything else ever. It takes me hours a day. I love it soooo much, lol.

Reason I'm saying it's hard to word is bc it's not so much that I practice 2 different huge hobbies, ballet and gymnastics. Ballet is and has always been my core. Gymnastics, while I've done it as much as ballet and prolly practice even something I do to enable ballet more. It's also more complicated than ballet...tho people try to doll it up and call it something meaningless and dumb like 'modern dance'....and it's not that, either. Again, Ballet is my core...I do other dance because it better positions me to do my ballet better, lol.

Iono. I really love it...tho unfortunately, and this is why I'm asking this question, lol, it's not really common in N America or Australia from what I've heard. I'm from Ukraine and its like as common over there as baseball or soccer is here. It's so hard to do it in a meaningful way here...there's like no outlets for it and most people who teach it are like literally at the level the 8-9 year olds are back in Ukraine/Russia. I actually help teach ballet to kids myself...there's like no one qualified and unfortunately almost no one who does love it sticks with it past age 11. That or they do that crap you see on shows like 'Dance Mom's' which isn't real and it's not like that anywhere I've ever seen.

Anyone else like dance or gymnastics?

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ashleyattacked Level 210 Scania Cannoneer 4 Reconcile Guild See what games, anime & art ashleyattacked is intoalisaattacked
I like gaming. Art is something I do when I'm bored because I'll get so focused on it, also it makes me feel productive.

I think gymnastics is common in N America.. right?[/quote]

It is for kids. By gymnastics/ballet being nonexistent...what I mean is on an really advanced level. Ie the level I'm at is beyond the scope of education. It's all about practice, balance, etc...

I'm so jealous of people that can do art, lol.

I like to try to write tho, ie poetry, short stories, etc...and I love it. Tho I also dread it bc Eng is my third language and I feel so limited by it and can't really articulate what I want to.

Would be cool to draw tho, but I guess thats greedy.
Aug 28 2015
lexustm Level 31 Khaini Mercedes 2
probably watching youtube videos if im at home. If im out probably the mall and eating at new restaurants lol
Aug 28 2015
omegathorion Level 100 Windia Priest Justaway Guild
I read manga and play games for inspiration and research. Then I spend time with game development: I've got a project right now where I get hands-on with code, and another project where I'm more of a narrative designer working with flowcharts and concepts. Artistically, my main focus recently has been on short stories. I used to draw more, but I do a lot more design and programming work nowadays.
Aug 28 2015
soulblade Level 216 Windia Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art soulblade is intoSoulBlade
Anime and JRPGs.
Needless to say, I have no life.
Aug 28 2015
xxfestusxx Level 177 Windia Mercedes 3
I like to write my novel that probably won't ever get published. Still, it brings me great joy to see my characters come to life.
Aug 28 2015
sighanide Level 215 Demethos Bishop
Anime and JRPGs.
Needless to say, I have no life.[/quote]

anime is life
Aug 28 2015
herosgate Level 143 Windia Buccaneer
Well I usually go to the gym. I'm trying to get bigger but I mean it's a start. My senior year I weighed around 165. Two years later and I'm now sitting at 182 pounds. I'm 6'1.
But other than that, hang out with friends, league, or sometimes homework. Lol.

Though no one cares what I have to say here. Thought I'd share my two cents.
Aug 28 2015
clementz Level 50 Windia Spearman Justaway Guild
Dismantling things.
I definitely have other hobbies, but damn near nothing gives me more peace of mind than sitting at my table with some good music, and some tools, taking things apart, without having any intention of ever putting them back together.
Aug 28 2015
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