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dutch Level 56 Reboot Evan 6th Growth
I took like a 2 week break from MS and now I see people raging about some sort of glitch and contemplating wether we should have a rollback or not
can somebody tell me what happened? O_O
Posted: July 2016 Permalink


lycanthropods Level 230 Broa Shade 4 No1Care Guild
Pretty much there was a glitch/exploit with a selective cube coupon that was given to everyone who was online during yesterday's hot time. Doing the glitch allowed for infinite cubes. Also it should be noted that this same exact exploit was around last year and took the same exact steps to produce it, and Nexon didn't patch it.

There will be no roll back, they banned those who abused it(whether or not their bans will be upheld is another story).
Jul 24 2016
tiguier Level 121 Bera Buccaneer
@lycanthropods: Hey man do you know if they are done banning or if there will be a second wave to ban those affected by this indirectly such as: Having the exploited item in the inventory (transfering it for a friend)at some point.
Jul 24 2016

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