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What was the worst thing you did to a person?

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Well for me, there was this girl that liked me and she would run over to me everyday after school to talk and stuff. (Please note that this was in grade 1.)
So, during the last week of school, she was running towards me as usual, so as a joke I decided to trip her. BAD CHOICE. She smashed her face and chest on the floor, she was bleeding all over her face and I think she broke a few ribs. I felt guilty for years.
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I've done some weird things to my friends
Friend 1:
We've known eachother since we were 1 year old, and we always used to fight for fun wherever we were when we were smaller. Once at his place, i think we must have been around 7 or something, we were fighting again, and i accidentally hit him in the face with me knee. He lost a tooth. it was one of those you're supposed to lose though (milky-teeth? No idea what they're called in english). Then another time at school. We were fighting on the hallway again, and he bumped his head into mine, and he lost another tooth (supposed to fall out too).

Friend 2:
We were racing to somewhere when we were smaller .. Like 10 or 11 or so. I started a little behind him, but was faster. So i tried to run past him, but omw around him i accidentally hit his foot with my foot, and he fell and broke his finger -_-
I also gave him a soap-eye once. By accident too ..

Yeah, it can be dangerous to be friends with me ^^
Dec 19 2011
This guy threw a chicken-mayo sandwich with glad wrap on it at me and him an his friends started laughing, I opened it and mashed it on his face and a teacher came and told him to clean up the mess
Dec 19 2011
I elbowed a girl in the face and fractured her nose.
She had it coming, 'cause she was messing around with my hair.

Dec 19 2011
I gave this guy a nose bleed cause he kept slapping me in the 7th grade... good thing he wasn't a snitch
Dec 19 2011
Once I sacked a friend of mine real hard when I pushed off him while playing soccer.
I laughed at the same friend when a girl rejected him...

I'm a great person.
Dec 19 2011
There was a girl in highschool with a really, really deformed face and weird elmo voice, and nobody would talk to her because of it. She had no friends. She was in one of my classes and sat near me and would CONSTANTLY stare at me and always said hi like she was super excited. Most of the time I would grudgingly say hi back (I hate people who come off as desperate)... but when I found out she was a lesbian, and she kept on staring and staring, I would just glare at her and look away whenever she said hi.
Dec 19 2011
megaf6 Level 200 Windia Wind Archer 4
Got in a fight with this dumbass kid over a dodgeball game. Wanted to kick him in the head but I missed and hit his ear. That was 6th grade, lol
Dec 19 2011
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