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Where to train 150-200? Really all levels

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iStealRockz Level 165 Windia Phantom 4
I cannot seem to find an up to date training guide, I am currently at level 152 and leveling seems to be getting really boring and slow, I practically 1 hit any normal (non-boss) monster.
Can anyone let me know where are the best places to train from 150-200, and if there is a decent guide 1-200.
Thank you!
I have my Zakum and Gollux prequests done
Zakum is kind of fun to solo (Haven't tried Chaos)
I can't kill Gollux alone but I can kill the little tree minion things which give like 130k exp per monster, and with 2,4,6,12 exp they're really nice.

Is bossing better?
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Vearmoth Level 165 Broa Hero
Evo world, dimensional invasion is your best bet.

If you can, do voyages to, they give really good exp.
Dec 24 2013
Yathos Level 207 Windia Demon Avenger 4
I've been doing dimension invasion every day 10x a day ~55min total with the daily 2x exp and i get roughly 90% exp at 18x
Dec 24 2013

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