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Who agrees with me that the game is unplayable right now?

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MeiGuiHua Level 160 Windia I/L Arch Mage
Share your opinions about this situation.
Posted: May 2014 Permalink

Who agrees with me that the game is unplayable right now?

6%2 / 29I blame the hacker
93%27 / 29Nexon better fix this..
0%0 / 29I don't care about lag


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DColdhearts Level 150 Scania Shade 4
[url=]Well, they're going to close most of the channels in all worlds to fix the server issue.[/url]
May 22 2014
Aristocratan Level 208 Windia Blade Master
But channel 12 was closed off yesterday. Its still closed right now.... Taking too long just for one channel
May 22 2014
vBlaze Level 101 Scania Shadower
I'm pretty sure at any point of this game, someone would agree w/ u
May 22 2014
Ishka Level 211 Arcania Xenon 4 Solus Guild
What problems are people currently having?
May 22 2014
Powerbomb Level 148 Arcania I/L Arch Mage
What problems are people currently having?[/quote]

Pretty much lag, bad spawns, crashing in general. The servers are horribly unstable and Nexon even stated there are latency issues at the moment (they were there yesterday as well).
May 22 2014
TokiToki Level 185 Scania Angelic Buster 4 See what games, anime & art TokiToki is intoTokiToki
The economy sucks, the people are rude, there's botters all over the place..
Yea, this game is completely unplayable.

....Oh, also there's lag too I guess.
May 22 2014
Momijii Level 165 Khaini Legend
instead of closing off certain channels, CLOSE OFF THE GAME idiots.[/quote]
Because then you have the other chunk of the game that's pissed that Nexon took off Maple to fix something that had an zero impact on them?
May 22 2014
QuackOutLoud Level 207 Khaini I/L Arch Mage
Huh, l thought it was just one of those days, l wasn't aware everyone was having the crazy lag.
They should just have a maintenance and fix everything up
May 22 2014
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