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Who is better, Aran or Demon Slayer?

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rockywasthere Level 170 Reboot Evan 10th Growth
I really like Aran because of his high damage and Hp regeneration, but demon slayer has better mobbing, who is better? (In your opinion.)
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derkion Level 162 Bera Night Lord
Both are good dmg wise at bosses and at mobbing, choose the one u like the most, but if this doesnt help u, in korean DPM charts DS is higuer than aran.
Feb 13 2017
chefcarte Level 212 Broa Phantom 4
+1 DemonSlayer in general is the best class in the game. Not only are they the best bossing class in the game
(with a 50% hp regen every 10 seconds, good dps, a bind, godly mobility,being very tanky, being able to ignore dr and weapon cancel, and having an iframe with metamorphasis), they are also one of the best mobbing classes in the game (if you combo chaos lock + infernal concussion). DS is honestly the only class in the game without a weakness and is in general the best class in the game. I wouldn't use DPM charts as a reference since they do not calculate in scaling (still very inaccurate post cap removal). If you want to know if a class has good scaling you just look at their final damage, weapon multipliers, or crit damage. They are accurate if you plan on staying unfunded, but otherwise once you fund a class, the DPM rankings b/t each class changes.
Feb 13 2017

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