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Why did you made your bishop?

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Me because of heal, the idea of not having to use hp pots was nice
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shanik Level 130 Scania Night Walker 4
For the RP.
Thanks to the surgeon eye familiar,my cleric(my avatar) is all shadowy.

So I imagine myself being an exiled for having committed a huge crime to the Bishop Maple Order.
I often throws a "Imma a killer..." or a "I'm gonna kill you...*stab protection*" and then just "Just kidding hahaha..."
I look badass,I do what I like:babysit and support.
And the fact that my damage is low makes every encounters awesome!
King Pepe was a challenge to solo
And oh gawd the range of heal in haunted mansion...
Feb 01 2013
Saelynnie Level 210 Bera Bishop
I always play support in any game, I can't play anything else since it doesn't feel that nice to me. Like how I always go non-lethal in other games but I digress.
Feb 01 2013
Bosnie1996 Level 202 Scania Blade Master
Feb 01 2013
So I can leech in partys haha. Yea and I like to being the supporter.
Feb 01 2013
Naritta Level 210 Galicia Bishop
Once upon a time in 2006, a young mage stepped into the world of Maplestory and thus began her very, own, Maple, Story. I was 14, and new to MMO's and the internet in general. Being the oddball little bookworm I was, I had a very strong sense of imagination and fantasy and pretty much fell in love with the game. I knew I wanted to be a mage outright but which one? I remember watching my Beginner running along the treadmills in her seed suit, watching the Job Showcase videos.

I like helping and healing so Bishop stood out the most but the Ice/Lightening just looked so cool.

It wasn't until I was about level 12, training on Ghost Stumps, that a level 7X Priest showed up. Shining Ray was one of the most pretty skills I've seen so far in-game, Heal and Bless not too far off. He came into the map and simply said, "Wanna go somewhere cool?" We partied and he lead me down Ant Tunnel, which was practically a death wish for anyone of my level. But he was quick to teleport and kill the monsters with SR, healed me, blessed me, and it was a really fun journey. (until I died somewhere in the icy parts.)

I knew I wanted to be a Bishop then. So I could do the same for other people and take them on awesome adventures. ^_^ That's basically my motivation for funding my Bishop the way I did. No regrets!
Feb 01 2013
Kitkat876 Level 183 Windia Bishop
I made it because of Genesis... Then, when I was around level 80, Big Bang happened. Genesis was nerfed...
But, I made it to level 80 before people could ever make it to 3rd job in one day. Back when even 2nd job
was respected. But, now it's all overpowered classes (darn Luminous) and hackers getting to level 200
in one day. My Bishop sits comfortably at level 172 for now, awaiting the day he'll finally get that draco mount.
Feb 01 2013
shanaviper Level 131 Scania Buccaneer
female + bishop +hs = weapon of mass destruction.
skills are all pretty and stuff. also my friends and guildies were you have good int equips. make a bishop you'll be awsome! so i did -3- but i love playing bishop
also i like seeing people fight over me when its 2x exp
Feb 01 2013
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