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Why is the front page of Basil always filled with bad art

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juxos Level 101 Bera Kaiser 4
Like seriously guys and girls do you even try :l
I mean i drew this in like 20 seconds, im like Picasso
(It's me btw, for all you who cant appreciate true art)
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juxos Level 101 Bera Kaiser 4
@sirkibblex2: aww sweet, brb submitting drawing then
Jan 12 2016
shoutbox Level 30 DemethosEMS Page
@vivabasura: ye u could tell i poured my heart into the drawing of ur character
Jan 12 2016
soulblade Level 216 Windia Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art soulblade is intoSoulBlade
I don't see any of your drawings on the front page.
Jan 13 2016
pashyspirit Level 214 Mardia Corsair
@sirkibblex2 There are many professional artists who are terrible or mediocre at art. Being professional doesn't necessarily equal skill. Ashley is just trying to be 2edgy4me/pretentious with her words.
Jan 13 2016
pashyspirit Level 214 Mardia Corsair
@sirkibblex2 True, but we're talking about art quality rather than position since Ashley was talking about artists sucking at art.
Jan 13 2016
ashleyattacked Level 210 Scania Cannoneer 4 Reconcile Guild See what games, anime & art ashleyattacked is intoalisaattacked
+1 @pashyspirit: @pashyspirit: I used this subject to rant against a strawman. I know it has likely nothing to do with Mr Basil drawing his character riding a horse in a field with Naruto. That's not the art I'm pissed about.

But I still insist on my words. They're not edgy enough. It's because I have tried my hardest to see the 'greatness' in such revered art...and rarely find anything deeper than the notion in practice that 'the harder the art is to like, the better it is. So frig all sense of respect, revery, and notions of awe. Nature interpreting nature in its own vision, applying its own imprint and filter, died with is now on its own pedantic, juvenile and absurdist fling...without juxtaposition to hide behind, let alone at least lend something approaching respect for the medium if in overstated romantic terms only. It's just a retarded excuse for artists that lack technical skill and practice, who can either not find whatever time and patience is necessary to see it through, or who simply CANNOT see it through by virtue of lack of technical talent - and the worst of the worst - the ones who lack technical talent, lack the ability to ground their bs for bs' sake rhetoric along the lines of 'I'm an artist creating as an image of myself looking inwards at art both a lack of meaning - BORN FROM THE INABILITY TO 'MEAN'...and juxtaposed as shadow bas relief on society undoing society loving art undoing itself AND all that from the perspective of an oppressed homosexual and marxist.' No, it's retarded word salad mixed with that unforgivable sort of retardation whose only will to ANYTHING is the will to unexist itself from itself. Frig that. That's just the bs these intrepid retards think is groundbreaking symbolism bc its asymbolism symbolizing the collapse of religion and the need for communism. They actually think it sounds smart because they somehow came to the conclusion that not understanding something is the virtue of intelligence. Insert Derrida and they can wiggle out of any confrontation by spouting off oppositions till you give up because there's no point in telling a marxist retard that they don't unexist because existences will to exist by virture of deconstructing its existence into the components of its atonal unexistence. They're retards and they're ruining art.

I'm willing to bet my mother that soon there will be a movement decrying all artists of 'talent' to be incapable of art...claiming that the only artists worth art-ing are the ones that work from outside a notion and presence of talent, who create with abject lack of creativity, who cite marijuana as a shamanic art tool by virtue of marijuana making them feel numb, tired and uncreative...because creating from a space devoid creativity is the only way to unsee existence by uncreating the creation through introspective allusions to the importance of words to unwords that become merely sound and farts yearning, as it were, to uncreate themselves through a vision of art as the binary of chaos and unchaos. God, it's just a big long sigh of heartbreakingly unendearing retardation.

I'm beating this dead (undead) horse because I am really pissed over this subject. I don't want this to be the future of intellectual and artistic pursuit and appreciation. I don't need to hear about people who define themselves into circles around another or another or its opposite ... all in a long line of retarded dadistic thinking...prolly turning the will to create on its head by claiming the only will to create is the unwill to uncreate and priding oneself on lacking technical skill - for, I mean it only makes sense that the real artists create without talent, without a will to create, and insodoing ennunciate their idiocy using emotional appeals and offensive words instead of imagery, bodily fluids in place of order...and undoing their unwill to unlive into a reverberation of societies reflection in the shameful paradox that nature has decreed them to be the artists, while withholding artistic talent in an obvious attempt to reference the fact that the opposite of talent is no talent and therefore the only call they need to hear to 'art' is the binary as it relates to nature obviously condoning untalent in place of such bourgeoisie notions of 'form' and 'substance' - such one dimensional un-isms.

That's the way virtually everything is going...and if you disagree I'm willing to bet that you're disagreeing by valuing art as expression of talent. These retards wanted to be artists but they couldn' unlike every other culture until the past 150 years where art was a matter of selfselection in favour of those willing to put in the work, practice, money and deal with the sacrfices such a calling can hardly exist without...but now that we have the monies that safe guard turned to sh[t and it didn't stop them from spamming the world with their crap...and rather than sulk about not being artists and not having talent, they decided to play the dada card since any retard with hebephrenic schizophrenia can do it just as well as anyone else...the only trick being to spew endless rows of existential opposites in circles until you can't figure out what you're saying...least because you stopped trying to say anything from the start and justify it by other binaries and un-isms and, again, worst case scenario - say you're deconstructing something. Preferably something like 'heterosexuality' or 'marxism' or 'death.'

Jacques Derrida started all this bs by insisting that you're bringing something of genuine meaning to the table by proving to people that through retarded mental mind games that intentionally sought no loftier goal than spitting out a stream of opposites and claiming it all in the name of 'deconstructing meaning.' You can be deconstructing anything. Doesn't matter what. Honestly...if some idiot tells you he's concentrating on his piss because he's deconstructing his biology into oppression and not oppression, with the wall he's peeing on coming to personify in his mind some scatological story about oppressing the male need to unneed urine...are you gonna engage him in an intellectual discussion necessarily consisting of equals? No. You're gonna think he's a retard. For some reason the lack to shut these retards up and insinuate some form of society and culture of meaningful value on them, mixed with the money to indulge their most retarded fantasies, and it's no wonder the idiots do it.

Frankly - artists today are just the talentless hacks that decided the world wasn't fair to not give them talent so it must mean that they have talent. Disagree and they'll just tell you they're masquerading as talentless hacks to reflect the atonal, cold and existentially distant tone nature takes with them. They're just reflecting the chaos they see bc you can never call them on that sh]t or they'll resort to calling you a plebian...and finally resorting to cuss words and Godwins Law, only this time comparing you to Christians instead of Nazi's bc lord knows thats the real threat. -.-

Cue circle onanism and they've created their own art scene and screamed down anyone else trying to approach the field with some sort of reverence.

Thinking you're creative because you can handle the mental gymnastics required to spout off opposites, word salad, and references to the third crusades...all with a hefty dose of bodily fluids, crass and disrespectful remarks and mental ego stroking, then call it deconstruction and laud yourself as the undoing of chaos personified and stroke that ego with enough tourettes bs and I guess you have the makings of a career - just need to hone all of that by insinuating it as if theres some intentional meaningful connection between it and a religious or political picture, poem, blah blah blah and let other ppl explain to you how insightful you are.
Jan 13 2016
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