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Why is there so much German in anime?

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UAPaladin Level 210 Windia Night Walker 4
Just something that I've noticed from watching anime. Is there any specific reason behind it?
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Momijii Level 165 Khaini Legend
they're one of the more easier nationalities to caricature
Jun 23 2015
UAPaladin Level 210 Windia Night Walker 4
Negima has a lot of Latin and a little bit of Sanskrit, but that's mostly because they're pretty cool when used correctly. I'd assume German is the same.[/quote]

Yeah, it's pretty cool when it's used, I'm just curious why it's used so much. For example: Both of the Attack on Titan OPs have parts completely in German, use of German words like Fuhrer in FMAB (though I can kinda see why they did this), in Madoka there were writings from Faust in German on the walls, in the Fate/Stay Night series, the chanting for the spells is all in German, the episode titles in Elfen Lied are in German, and there are a ton of other things that I'm missing. Maybe I'm just picking it up more because I can speak German, but it definitely seems to me that it's used way more than any other language than Japanese/English in anime
Jun 23 2015
KaiwatersXD Level 200 Windia Angelic Buster 4 See what games, anime & art KaiwatersXD is intoKaiwatersXD
@UApaladin your not wrong they tend to use german in the bothe the anime themselves and in some of the music more so than any other and it's probably cause of the ties that had with germany during ww2 even today they still have strong ties to each other
Jun 23 2015
Crystalline Level 121 Windia Corsair
it's because it sounds foreign, tough, and cool
the Japanese don't really think that deeply about this kind of stuff, just look at anime Christianity
Jun 23 2015
Pashmimi Level 188 Windia Paladin
Japan is just really obsessed with foreign countries, Germany and France in particular. They think they're cool or something, idk.

Source: My mom is Japanese. When she was little, her and her friends saw this blonde lady and literally fangirled and were like "oMG is sHe FrOM frAnCE?"
Jun 23 2015
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