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Why is this guy always next to me?

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He's has a buzz cut. Grey hair. Bushy Eyebrows. Lab coat. And is smiling for some reason.

Should I call the police?
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shut up you got no face[/quote]

I have a nose
Jun 15 2014
I have a nose[/quote]

you nose nothing
Jun 15 2014
you nose nothing[/quote]
That's snot funny

ye it not even yours[/quote]
Yes.. it is
Jun 15 2014
That's snot funny

Yes.. it is[/quote]

Are you out camping? That was in tents!
Jun 15 2014
Are you out camping? That was in tents![/quote]

No, because it makes me two tents.
Jun 15 2014
you guys are killing jokes within tent[/quote]

I'm sorry about your discount tent
Jun 15 2014
Erag0n1 Level 211 Bera Evan 10th Growth
I'm sorry about your discount tent[/quote]

It's all good. but first I have to fix my de tent
Jun 15 2014
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