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Worst Advice you were Given as a Noob?

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What's the worst advice you were ever given when you were just starting MapleStory?

Mine was: "Pick a job that you like the town of, because you will be spending most of your time there." - Godly Player at the Unreachable level of 2x
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KingKokoro Level 106 Bellocan Battle Mage 3
"Mages are really weak, so give yours strength instead of luck. You don't really need luck."
"Okay! "
Jun 05 2011
traded a dude who was spamming

b> gfa
B> scrolls
b> chairs
B> godly items
etc etc

didn't know how much scrolls cost. he said he'll tell me prices of each scroll and that he's giving me a good deal I sold gfa 10%, sword attk, and some other 60%'s for around 500k a piece -___- no big deal now, but it was when mesos was hard 2 get =S
Jun 05 2011
"Put Dex = (Your level x 2)" ~Auto Assign.

I'm a pre-BB warrior, but this advice is still given....for...some reason?
Jun 05 2011
"You should even out your stats so you could have balanced damage and not be weak."

I was a Mage... -_-
Jun 05 2011
CheeseDude17 Level 152 Khaini Mercedes 4
Drop your items and pick them back up to upgrade it...

I was VERY noobish at that time rofl.
Jun 05 2011
"Train to lvl 20 on maple island, that way you'll be ahead when you pick a job advancement" - dude I met at noob island pre-pirates
Jun 05 2011
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