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Xserious - uniqueness Screen

By gamefreakNL CubeUniquenessxSerious

gamefreakNL Level 94 Scania Chief Bandit
Oct 13 2011 After cubing my new items, I've made them all unique (again)

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I'm sorry but the chat dialogue stole the show.
Oct 14 2011
I hope this impresses employers when reading you're resume
Oct 14 2011
no unique codex or gold heart? poor noob
Oct 14 2011
Whale Level 205 Scania Shade 4 Studio Guild
Pascal, get a chtp or the level 130 luk pendant, cube that to unique. instead of MoN. get book to unique. get a pocket slot and cube your heart to unique
THEN you'll have total uniqueness!
Oct 14 2011
tommy899 Level 135 Kradia Shade 4
Your mount is not unique.
Oct 14 2011
No pron site? GG
Oct 14 2011
Wow thats a lot of cubes if you self cubed. Probably around $3000 dollars worth. I have like 80% of my items unique but I don't have much real money so I never cube my stuff.
Oct 14 2011

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