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You cant trust anyone in this world

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yasuhoe Level 200 Broa Page
I'm just going to keep to myself from now on
Posted: January 2018 Permalink


killeem Level 158 Reboot Aran 4
good idea
Jan 12 2018
fangblade436 Level 85 Bera Hermit
Blame me. It's my fault the world is like this. EVERYTHING bad is my fault.
@uwotm8 You're looking at one. I'm way more than that.
Jan 15 2018
lightxtc Level 125 Windia I/L Arch Mage
Good. The older you get the more you realize people can't be trusted.
Jan 16 2018
animus Level 160 Aquila I/L Arch Mage
Sometimes you can't even trust yourself bruh. One other day I tell myself eating dirt is good for releasing stress but I said fk off you cccunt to myself.
Jan 16 2018

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