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Your Double Miracle Experience

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Miracle time is only 5 minutes away! Post your results so people know how it goes!
things to find out.
- Does every tier upgrade result in a double up tier?
- Can you jump from Epic to Legendary or just Rare to Unique?

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copox123 Level 217 Broa Bishop
My computer broke so yeah.
Mar 23 2013
i think just rare to unique since thats wat the website says
Mar 23 2013
I wasted my free cube earlier
Mar 23 2013
LeonDragneel Level 173 Windia Night Lord
Poting my Raven Horn overall
Edit: ommgg... so amazing! Epic ~>
Mar 23 2013
jeshurocks Level 166 Broa Night Lord
Should i use the free miracel cube on my:
Epic 6% luk Half Earrings (i want to sell then)
Epic Crap potential Empress Claw
Mar 23 2013
SoloCity74 Level 185 Scania Luminous 4
It was rare and it stayed rare
Mar 23 2013
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