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Your favorite comedians/jokes

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ITT: Post some of your favorite comedians, skits, jokes, and everything you think people might find funny.
I think Donald Glover and George Carlin are pretty funny, I dislike Daniel Tosh.
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Faehyre Level 172 Khaini Wild Hunter 4 Lift Guild
Then we are on different pages, as I like Daniel Tosh.
Aug 30 2012
Daniel Tosh's comedy is a hit or a miss to me, I liked where he said marijauana should be legalized so potheads will shut up about it.
Aug 30 2012
I found Gabriel Iglesias to be very funny when he started out, but now that I see him on The Annoying Orange, I'm just not sure anymore.
Aug 30 2012
My fav youtubers are pewdiepie and bluexephos and I think my fav comidien is aziz azari ( prolly spelled it wrong but w/e)
Aug 30 2012
can you guys start posting some of your favorite skits/acts so there's some stuff to watch later
btw is it just me or is comedy these days becoming pretty dry
Aug 30 2012
DrHye Level 90 Windia Marauder
Jerry Seinfeld is my favorite. I watch his tv show almost daily and started youtubing his acts
Aug 30 2012
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