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yuura92 Level 143 Bera Zero Transcendent
Hey Guys! Long time no see Basilmarket ^_^
I was on a hiatus for around 2 years because I had to focus on my studies. I finished my college entrance exam yesterday and came back to MapleStory
So yesterday, I got my hands back on the game and I currently have a level 143 Zero.
Around 250 time coins and I managed to get about 400mil mesos from doing some stuff. The free market seems emptier than ever and items seem to be not flowing well. Prices look like they skyrocket'd and yeah....

I'm trying to fund my Zero a bit and I'm thinking of CRA set.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a good list of CRA equips both in the free market and also in the Auction House.

Can anyone tell me the current prices of CRA equips? Preferably clean. I'm planning on transfering stats from low level for the upgrades.(or is there a better way of upgrading)

In any other case, is there a better choice / more efficient than buying CRA equips?

Thanks a lot in advance ^^
Posted: December 2017 Permalink

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