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Zero channel selection screen Screen

By copperchan

copperchan Level 172 KradiaEMS Battle Mage 4
Dec 06 2013 The new channel selection screen GMS will get when Zero is released

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Looks like it says Zebo.
Dec 06 2013
xtripled Level 33 Scania Fighter
+20 inb4 "Zero too op, pls nerf"[/quote]

Zero too op, pls nerf
Dec 06 2013
Xehanort Level 160 Scania Blade Master
+8 Looks like it says Zebo.[/quote]

Cannot be unseen
Dec 07 2013
Miauri Level 210 Khaini Buccaneer
+5 That's the amount of fricks I give about this class
Dec 07 2013
Blazetent Level 204 Broa Buccaneer Nimbus Guild
+7 I want to try it out to 200. But I shall be sticking with my Hayato!~
Dec 07 2013
CygnusBabii Level 203 Elnido Demon Avenger 4
THE CHILD OF THE LORD OUR SAVOR, RHINNE THE GODDESS OF TIME, HAS ARRIVED Do you think they'd bless me with eternal happiness in heaven if I twerked?
Dec 07 2013

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