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Zero's thoughts on party-play exp glitch nerf Video

By ZeroByDivide

ZeroByDivide Level 250 Broa Luminous 4
Feb 12 2014 So, as of the 12th of Feb, Nexon has finally decided to remove the 41 level glitch from party play areas. In this video I state my opinions on this, and how this effects me, both positively and negatively. I, like many other people wish that this nerf had come sooner, around the time InmateSearch was falsely banned (early January).

Would like to know you guys' thoughts on this, feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section.

Footage is of myself and my guild leader Jack176Jack duoing normal mode Magnus just after the red patch.

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Kiitsune Level 204 Windia Night Lord
What sucks about the exp 'nerf' is people at your level won't have parties because of the fact that not many people really get into the low 200s. I couldn't do it just knowing it would have to be by myself. It's solostory until 250
Feb 15 2014
noobeat Level 161 Elnido Aran 4
man..i feel you events (in your case great exp ) and such can put pressure on im not bossing nor merching cause of em free candy cubes....cant ait till its over
Feb 15 2014

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