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all Worlds pvp Tournament

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Kizo Level 199 Scania Mechanic 4
Before pvp gets removed, I wanna hold the first ever PvP Tournament in Scania. Not just a regular Tournament, but the most EPIC of them all. That's why I've decided to invite the top players from Bera / Broa / Windia to participate in this rare once in a lifetime event. This is a great opportunity to show how strong your world is. Not only will you be competing with top players in Scania, but also top pvpers from Bera, Broa, & Windia. The ultimate showdown for the title of best pvpers in GMS plus bragging rights for your world. There will be two Events: Team & Single.
Other smaller worlds can join too.*

Like don't you get tired of other players from other worlds going into your thread bragging how their world is better? This is the perfect chance to shut them up. And you guys are probably bored fighting the same old players everyday, so why not change it up a bit? PvP's gonna get taken down in few months anyway, you know? lol This isn't about winning or losing, but more of a fun learning experience, interacting with top players from other worlds, etc.

So choose your top players to represent your world & hope to see you guys there.


EroticViet ✘ Velonic ✘ Kizo ✘ 3dadCannon

EroticViet ✘ [i]MajesticViet[/i] ✘ [i]zzzzLazyBam[/i] ✘ Velonic
KIZO ✘ [i]Anchoby[/i] ✘ 3dadCannon ✘ [i]Bjorkphilia[/i]

EroticVietMajesticViet ✘ [i]icephoenix[/i] ✘ [i]ScarletEden[/i]
zzzzLazyBam ✘ [i]HeySammi[/i] ✘ Velonic ✘ [i]SGJin[/i]

[i]Descient[/i] ✘ [i]Fleetrun[/i] ✘ 3dadCannonBjorkphilia
KIZO ✘ [i]BrazenMight[/i] ✘ Anchoby ✘ [i]ShadeofDartz[/i]

Kizo: [i]Akatsuki0826[/i] ✘ [i]DDarkCannon[/i] ✘ zzzzLazyBamBomber123 » zzzzLazyBam ✘ Bomber123
[i]Trenbolone[/i] ✘ SGJinHeySammiVelonic » HeySammi ✘ Velonic ✘ SGJin

EroticVietMajesticViet ✘ [i]Daggicide[/i] ✘ [i]VividSkyway[/i] » EroticViet ✘ MajesticViet
[i]VileLunatic[/i] ✘ icephoenix21ScarletEden » icephoenix21 ✘ ScarletEden

[i]JoeDaBM[/i] ✘ [i]bamfcurry[/i] ✘ DescientFleetrun » Descient ✘ Fleetrun
3dadCannon ✘ [i]Remitting[/i] ✘Bjorkphilia ✘ [i]curryishott [/i] » 3dadCannon ✘ Bjorkphilia

KIZODemonicAres ✘ [i]WholySpear[/i] » KIZO ✘ BrazenMight
Anchoby ✘ [i]AemuIus[/i] ✘ ShadeofDartz » Anchoby ✘ ShadeofDartz

Team Poopsi ✘ Team Linda » __ ✘ Team SuperSand
Team Curry ✘ Team Madlove »

Team Sexy ✘ Team Khaini » __ ✘ Team Bera
Team LVJB ✘ [i]Team NoName[/i] » Team LVJB ✘ [i]Team Broa[/i] » Team LVJB


Team Mafia: ZzZzLazyBam (bam) / ShadeOfDartz (shad) / EroticViet (bishop) / Anchoby (i/l)
Team Linda: Fleetrun (bishop) / PerfectClass (db) / MajesticViet (evan)
Team BombSoldiers: ChuDatz (f/p) / BrazenMight (evan) / Bomber123 (pally) / VileLunatic (aran) / Guest534 (cs)
Team WhyWeHere: Aurayne (evan) / bamfcurry (shad) / inkked (drk) / HealerAkuma (bishop) / 3dadCannon (cs)
Team SuperSand: JoeDaBM (bam) / Velonic (shad) / WholySpear (drk) / VividSkyway (pally)

Team Sexy: Akatsuki0826 (i/l) / icephoenix21(bishop) / SirPhillium (db) / HEYsammi (evan)
Team MadLove: KlZO (mech) / X3N0Sbioz (f/p) / Descient (ds) / Remitting (merc) / DDarkCannon (Cs)
Team Curry: curryishott (i/l) / AemuIus (cs) / Bjorkphilia (evan) / grumblyn (pally)
Team NoName: lkarinI (drk) / DarkxSand (mech) / Mijekls (bishop) / Garusaito (bam)
Team High Horse: Murmasky (merc) / DemonicAres (ds) / Confluent (cs) / Comateux (bam) / Aeriiya (shad)
Team Lovely Velvet Jelly Boat: ScarletEden (bam) / MayFl0w3r (evan) / SGJin (i/l) / LovexMePlz (bishop)
Team Poopsi: Trenbolone (merc) / goodwog (ds) / WastedNarb (cs)

Referee's: @Akatsuki0826 @icephoenix21 @SirPhillium @Sammi
@Bomber321 @TroiSky @JoeDaBM @ScarletEden @tomas1251.

Point System。

• Each spot gives point:
1st - 4 points
2nd - 3 points
3rd - 2 points
4th - 1 points

regular matches - first to 10 points
Quarter Finals - first to 15 points
SemiFinals - first to 15 points
Finals - first to 20 points

regular matches - first to 2 wins
Quarter Finals - first to 3 wins
SemiFinals - first to 5 wins
Finals - first to 7 wins

Single Tournament。

• held in 180+ room
• 4-person royale
• two with most scores will advance, while bottom two get kick off
- must provide ss of score
- must have refs there for match to count
• refs & bystanders will be there to oversee everything's fair
• no hacks (equips, keybinding, 3rd party program, etc)

[Header]Team Tournament。
• held in 120+ room
• 4 players vs 4 players
• can't have more than one class per team
• Teams get 2-4 days to find their oppositing Team to fight
- must provide ss of scores
- must have refs there for match to count
- if your team is winning, you can't afk in the spawning area
- preferably there should be at least 1 ref on each team
• must have refs & bystanders (on each team) to oversee everything's fair
• no hacks (equips, keybinding, 3rd party program, etc)

[Header]Mini Events。
any dream match imaginable
Team CTF
Seperate class matches
- all mages match / all warrior match / all thief match / etc.
Separate matches for classes with invincibility & classes without
No Gear matches

Official ♦ SINGLE
[url=]WholySpear ✘ Kizo ✘ DemonicAres [Round 1][/url]
[url=]WholySpear ✘ Kizo ✘ DemonicAres [Round 2][/url]
[url=]3dadCannon ✘ curryishott ✘ Bjorkphilia ✘ Remitting [Round 1][/url]
[url=]3dadCannon ✘ curryishott ✘ Bjorkphilia ✘ Remitting [Round 2][/url]
[url=]3dadCannon ✘ curryishott ✘ Bjorkphilia ✘ Remitting [Round 3][/url]
[url=]Akatsuki0826 ✘ DDarkCannon ✘ zzzzLazyBam ✘ Bomber123 [Round 3][/url]
[url=]VileLunatic ✘ icephoenix21 ✘ ScarletEden [Round 1][/url]
[url=]EroticViet ✘ icephoenix21 ✘MajesticViet ✘ScarletEden [Round 2][/url]
[url=]Descient ✘ bamfcurry ✘ JoeDaBM ✘ Fleetrun [Round 2 - pt 2][/url]
[url=]Descient ✘ bamfcurry ✘ JoeDaBM ✘ fleetrun [Round 3][/url]
[url=]Descient ✘ Fleetrun ✘ Bjorkphilia [Round 3][/url]
[url=]Kizo ✘ EroticViet ✘ Velonic ✘ Bjorkphilia [Final - round 4][/url]

Official ♦ TEAM
[url=]Team NoName ✘ Team LVJB [Round 1][/url]
[url=]Team NoName ✘ Team LVJB [Round 2][/url]
[url=]Team BombSoldiers ✘ Team LVJB [Round 1][/url]

[url=]Bomber ✘ grumblyn ✘ Random[/url]
[url=]Bomber ✘ ShadeofDartz ✘ Kizo ✘ Random[/url]
[url=]EroticViet ✘ Random[/url]
[url=]EroticViet ✘ curryishott ✘ DemonicAres ✘ Random[/url]
[url=]EroticViet ✘ SirPhillium ✘ Random[/url]
[url=]JoeDaBM ✘ EroticViet ✘ Random[/url]
[url=]JoeDaBM ✘ zzzzLazyBam ✘ Kizo ✘ Random[/url]
[url=]Velonic ✘ Random[/url]

[url=]Boys ✘ Girls[/url]
[url=]Team - Random 1[/url]
[url=]Team - Random 2[/url]
[url=]Team - Random 3[/url]
[url=]Team - Random 4[/url]
[url=]Team MadLove ✘ Team Mafia[/url]

[url=]Kizo ✘ EroticViet [1vs1][/url]
[url=]Kizo ✘ Bomber123 [1vs1][/url]
[url=]Kizo ✘ Velonic [1vs1][/url]
[url=]Kill the BaM's![/url]
[url=]Kill the Evan's![/url]
[url=]Kill the Shad's! 1[/url]
[url=]Kill the Shad's! 2[/url]
[url=]Kill the Shad's! 3[/url]
[url=]Fight for Nebulites [Round 1][/url]
[url=]Fight for Nebulites [Round 2][/url]
[url=]Fight for Nebulites [Round 3][/url]

• Spectators/watchers must obey the rules
• Cannot cast any type of skills while on top
• Cannot jump down, only watch
• Spectators are there to make sure no one is cheating
- be more like a mini ref
• Anyone that disobey will be kick out

[Header]Lag / Disconnection。
• there shall be one 10-min match before the real match to test for lag
• a player must call "lag" before the actual match if he/she experiences lag
• it's best to relog and/or restart comp.

• If a player happens to dc in the middle of the match, the match will still continue
- a sub can take place of the dcer if necessary
• a team is only allowed one redo if one of the members dc

Is it free to enter?
Yes, everything is free.

How many players should transfer to Scania?
At least the top 5 from each world; if there's rooms, then a couple more.

I'm not from any of that worlds. Can I still join?
Yes, of course. Any world can join.

How long will the Tournament be?
I think at least 30 days or more. First week, it's practices to get a feel of others' playstyles. After that, it's official tournament.

Why so long?
You gotta factor in:
- how many players are entering
- each player has diff. schedules (school, work, etc.)
- I gotta compensate & work with their schedules to provide good matches.

How will we communicate once we're in Scania?
There shall be a guild for all the transferring pros, each will be label with their own worlds.

How about practices?
For Single, you can warm up in our own FFA. There's always a pvp match in Scania, like from 6am to 3am.
For Team, you guys can set up practices among yourselves.

For Single, why 4-person royale?
'Cause 1 vs 1 seems unfair when there's paladins & bams running around. 3-person royale? Hard to tell 'cause the other two players might team up against the other guy. 4-person seems about right.

For Single, why 180+ room & not 120+ room?
'Cause 120+room is literally impossible to set up. Plus camping for fist powerups is more broken than 180+ rooms.

What about random people intruding the game who are not part of the contest?
Team - we can party each other in Team. so it's easier to control.
Single - It's held in 180+ rooms. barely anyone in 180+. Most 180+ players are polite & understanding. also, we will have fillers.
Posted: March 2012 Permalink

all Worlds pvp Tournament

26%135 / 513be reppin' Bera Pride!! Team zzzzLazyBam!
17%92 / 513Broa got this, hands down!! ChuDatz ftw!
27%141 / 513Scania ain't backing down!! Team Curry!
28%145 / 513Windia gonna pwn all!! period.


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Nice idea, but this will never work.
Why would people world xfer just for this?
Even if world xfer is being provided, people would still have to wait 2 weeks - a month to get back to their own world.
Mar 27 2012
If only world transferring was free. Then Kradians would have a chance to experience PvP before it leaves...
Mar 27 2012
MaplerJoe Level 208 Windia Battle Mage 4
Remember only Top 5! Peoples
Mar 27 2012
Kizo is providing the world transfers, wish I had that much money, Haha
Mar 27 2012
shairn Level 200 Broa Paladin
I'd join if someone gave me 2 world transfers so I can come back.

EDIT: Oh wait, 180+. Lame.
Mar 27 2012
arlongpark Level 42 Yellonde Evan 4th Growth
i can only join team since im not 180. and i dont want my ass kicked by people with high%. ill need 3 more people from my yellonde though. btw didnt you post this yesterday? or maybe im psychic but youll be providing world transfers to scania and back to our original worlds right?
Mar 27 2012
To bad transfers are super expensive
Mar 27 2012
If this is going to happen you would have to add Garry! Uberlegends (bishop)
Mar 27 2012
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