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am i bisexual?

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dragonvard22 Level 162 Bera Blade Master
So i recently discovered that i might be bi?
The reason for this assumption is because 2 days ago i lost a card game against my mate and he dared me to watch a " guy on guy" clip.
And to my amazement i actually got a "wood"
The nxt day i wanted to make sure if it wasnt a coincidence and i actually "finished"
So am i bi or just easily aroused
P.s i watch straight videos as well
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robkabob Level 70 Scania Crusader
Aug 07 2015
kahime Level 200 Windia Marksman Corona Guild
if you're still young you could literally watch a dead cactus and still do that so..
Aug 07 2015
tranquil Level 30 Scania Fighter
You could always try it out to see if it's something you're actually interested in.
Aug 07 2015
chrisjohnson Level 216 Windia Paladin
Well unless you're completely homophobic, sexual activity among any gender would (more often than not) give you an erection, whether your mind finds it sexually pleasing or not. Body over mind, mind over body blah blah.

But hey, if you're bi-sexual there's more to choose from, so there's that.
Aug 07 2015
hystericalbow Level 223 Khaini Bow Master
I'd say if you're curious about being bi, do some self reflecting. I have a friend that's bi (took her many years to figure out how she felt) and when you're bi you love both genders. If you can't see yourself ever wanting to be with a man the way you'd want to be with a woman than I'd say you're straight. Ultimately sexuality isn't a cookie-cutter, black & white sort of thing. There's a lot of grey area. For example, I'm straight but I find some women to be attractive. However, I could never be with one in a sexual way... nooo thanks, gross
Aug 07 2015
flamyheavens Level 199 Galicia Corsair Solus Guild
[url=]Try it.[/url]
Aug 07 2015
xdoutcast Level 190 Scania Xenon 4
Mang I feel kinda the same way. Don't worry about finding a specific title for yourself. If you find some women and men attractive, so be it. Just be attracted to whoever you want to
Aug 07 2015
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