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best Str Warrior Class

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willca1 Level 168 Reboot Dark Knight
hi so im starting a new character with my friend. i already have a bunch of tradable %str items so i wanted to know since i havnt played in a while whats the strongest warrior currently. (please note: Not Kaiser, Paladin, Mihile or Hayato since i already have them) Thanks!
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VietUA Level 210 Scania Beast Tamer Cat See what games, anime & art VietUA is intoVietUA
Dark Knight or Zero because biases will say so.
Aug 11 2014
lvlOne Level 202 Bera Dark Knight
Zero has high base damages, but I personally would make a dark knight since their %DPS is sweet.
Aug 11 2014
betaboi101 Level 56 Broa Assassin Hanyu Guild
Zero is strongest unless heavy funding is taken into consideration.
Aug 11 2014
Harry923 Level 128 Bera Legend
Heroes are not so bad and seems pretty fun
But I think it's
Pallies>Kaiser>Dark knight>Demon Avengr>Slayer>Hero>Hayato
In terms of bossing.
However after the upcoming pally and Drk nerf. Its a different story
Aug 11 2014
erez1996 Level 159 Bera Shade 4
fun wise zero
i NEVER like warrios and zero was actually tons of fun
Aug 11 2014
Mijael Level 208 Bera Dark Knight
One is the best class.
Aug 11 2014

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