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can a straight person fall in love with the same gender?

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delllisdng11 Level 50 Broa Evan 5th Growth
my friend said he's noy gay and he's madly in love with me
Posted: November 2013 Permalink


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Errr Level 52 Scania I/L Wizard
Then he is gay. Simple as that. Or bisexual.
Nov 08 2013
icoleslawderp Level 180 Zenith Battle Mage 4
Just put on a dress and make-up. Make him not feel gay.
Nov 08 2013
qtwarriorxx9001 Level 141 Bera Shadower
Did you know...
that I don't care?
OT: What do you think?
Nov 08 2013
TrumanB Level 208 Scania Blade Master
Perhaps he's in to objects. Or he doesn't love you, yourself, but is deeply in love with your finger or something.
Nov 08 2013
LuckyNinja Level 129 Windia Zero Transcendent
One thing is for sure.
He's no longer straight.
Nov 08 2013
easyrolling Level 68 Broa Bandit
I had a friend in highschool who would openly tell me that he loves me, wrap his arm around me, etc. We were inseparable. I've never been so close to someone, like even after a year of dating my BF.

But then I told him I was gay and he got a girlfriend, so we're not nearly as close. He does a lot of selfish things but we're still friends.
Nov 08 2013
Pashmimi Level 188 Windia Paladin
It's possible to be generally straight but gay for only one person. Yeah, it sounds weird, but it happens...
Or he's bi?
Nov 08 2013
SirJayGatsby Level 184 Khaini Corsair
You can love a lot of things and not be sexually attracted to them. Those are two separate things.
Nov 08 2013
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