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contact lenses

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so im new to contact lenses and i have one question.
my doctor said not to sleep with them on, but is it okay with i take naps during the day with them on?
like i usually take 2 hours naps lol
and if that's not good, is it okay if i just sleep for like 2 minutes? cause i sometimes nod off in school.
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MuffinsINC Level 210 Reboot Hayato 4
My eyes get a bit iffy if I even take a 30minute nap with them in. Anything more than a half hour and it gets irritating.
If you want to take naps, keep a small bottle of solution on you just in case they feel a bit weird.
Sep 10 2013
Thief9283 Level 150 Windia Luminous 4
You really don't want to nap with contacts on, it could cause infections and irritations.
Sep 10 2013
i nap with mine in all the time...
Sep 10 2013
milkocha Level 207 Windia Battle Mage 4
Don't...I've accidentally worn them during my naps many many times and I wake up with hella dry eyes.
I'd say 30 minute - 1 hour naps are fine but if you wear them any longer, you'll feel your contacts stick suck onto your eyes. I've worn contacts for about 7 years so yeah...
Sep 10 2013
achyif Level 172 Windia Night Lord See what games, anime & art achyif is intoachyif
it honestly depends on what kind of contacts you have and you personally.
That's something I'd imagine would vary person to person.
Personally, they're too uncomfortable for me to nap in.
Sep 10 2013
I've had contacts for eight years, never gone a night without sleeping in them. (Except for the first weeks I was too scared to do so.)
About the second year I did this I told my optician about how I habitually don't give a crap about taking the time to take em' out, and she said it was okay as long
no irritation occurred and I kept my goddamn filthy hands away from my eyes. When I wake up I just set them by blinking fifteen or so times and go about my morning. I literally never replace them unless they fall out and I lose them, or a hole is torn in them by me rubbing my eyes. Hope that helps.
Sep 10 2013
hayQTPAI Level 206 Broa Paladin Emcy Guild
usually soft contacts aren't meant for sleeping with but i guess naps are okay?
as long as you don't take like a 8-10 hour nap ( sleeping at night )
it might irritate your eyes
Sep 10 2013
DxidunnoxD Level 211 Broa Blade Master
A short nap is fine and as for the solution dropping into eye I'm not so sure about.
Sep 10 2013
goatman0079 Level 152 Arcania Night Walker 4
You probably shouldn't sleep with them on, unless its absolutely unavoidable. The contacts block the air that can usually get to your eyes while you are sleeping, so fi you sleep with them on, you will be basically suffocating your eyes.
Sep 10 2013
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