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demon slayer secondary weapon

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so it seems that just DS dont have any secondray wep in the shop...
why is that?
EDIT: look what i wrote, in the shop there is no DS secondary wep!
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i ment in the shop!
May 28 2014
BlackxMist Level 232 Bera Battle Mage 4 See what games, anime & art BlackxMist is intoBlackxMist
i ment in the shop![/quote]
you mean the shop that isnt the anniversary shop? its always been like this
May 28 2014
CyborgSim Level 156 Bera Night Lord
I think that the demon secondary is always equipped and never replaced. Does it really matter if it's in the shop or not?
May 28 2014
Symbolics Level 204 Windia Demon Slayer 4
Well as a matter of fact, there is a DS secondary weapon sold in the anniversary shop, and only this shop. I forgot the name, but it gives 100 Fury as opposed to the Aegis's 110. Also, Aegis grows, giving +21 STR and DEX at max. The shop one doesn't. So... I don't see why you should give up the original one in the first place.

@CyborgSim Actually it can be unequipped for potential purposes.
May 29 2014
@BlackxMist: yeah... i got back to game recantly and i just found out..
May 29 2014
It's not in the shop because you get it for free...
May 29 2014
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