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The Complete Hybrid DK Guide

Dark Knight Forum Talk about Spearman, Dragon Knight and Dark Knight

daniel3b Level 113 Bera Bishop



I've quit maplestory now, so some things may be outdated. I still go on basil regularly, so feel free to PM me or post here about anything I should add/change.


Thanks to zgtaf3 for being pro, not quitting yet, and helping me tons with 4th job info. :b Also to chickenpoodl for giving me some info, and all the other awesome people here on basil that helped me write this guide.

Table of Contents

[s=/forum/1190005/0/#1]1. Common Abbreviations[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#2]2. Pole Arms[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#3]3. Spears[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#4]4. Hybrid[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#5]5. 1st Job Build[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#6]6. 2nd Job Build[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#7]7. Final Attack[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#8]8. Why is hybrid better aside from FA?[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#9]9. So I have to switch weapons? I think I'll just use one instead[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#10]10. 3rd Job Build[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#11]11. Why Spear Fury[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#12]12. Why No Dragon Blood[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#13]13. Dragon Roar vs. Spear Crusher[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#14]14. 4th Job Build[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#15]15. Training[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#16]16. 1st Job[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#17]17. 2nd Job[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#18]18. 3rd Job[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#19]19. 4th Job[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#20]20. What Pots to Use[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#21]21. Capping Dex[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#22]22. Equips by Level[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#23]23. How Much STR/ATT is this Equal to?[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#24]24. Can I go Hybrid?[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#25]25. Recommended Equips[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#26]26. Skill Books[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#27]27. HP Washing[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#28]28. FAQ[/s]
[s=/forum/1190005/0/#29]29. Links[/s]

[name=1]##Common Abbreviations
Here are some common abbreviations you should know before making a warrior or reading this guide
RSS-Red Snow Shoes (Level 30 warrior shoes, most commonly scrolled because they have 7 slots)
ic2- Icarus Cape 2, a level 42 cape with 10 speed, usually scrolled with str. A 8-10 str ic2 usually gives 2-3 attack depending on your level, and the 10 speed helps speed up training
HB- Hyper Body, spearmen's most famous skill. Gives +60% max hp and mp
PA- Pole Arm, a weapon used by spearmen
DK- Dragon Knight
DrK- Dark Knight
ZHelm- Zakum Helmet, a level 50 common helm that lasts for end game for all classes
PAC- Pink Adventurer Cape, a level 50 cape that gives attack clean. ic2's are generally better because of the speed, but PAC's have their uses, especially for bossing, and at later levels when the att:str ratio changes
BR- This can stand for bathrobe, a level 20 common overall that gives 10 speed, or battle road which is a level 80 warrior overall
FA- Final Attack, a skill for all warriors, that is completely useless for spearmen

[name=2]##Pole Arms
Pros: Better overall damage in 2nd job
Better mobbing damage in 3rd job (and 4th job if you're mobbing then)

Cons: Worse 1v1 damage in 3rd and 4th job
Rarely used at 130+ for hybrids
Usually more expensive (darn arans)

Pros: Higher 1v1 damage in 3rd and 4th job
Usually less expensive

Lower Mobbing damage in 3rd and 4th job
Lower Overall Damage in 2nd job

Pros: All of the pros above

Cons: None

[name=5]##1st Job Build
The 1st job build is the same for all classes, and it should go:
Level 10: +1 HP Recovery
Level 11: +3 HP Recovery
Level 12: +1 HP Recovery, +2 MaxHP Increase
Level 13-14: +3 MaxHP Increase
Level 15: +2 MaxHP Increase, +1 Power Strike
Level 16-21: +3 Slash Blast
Level 21: +2 Slash Blast, +1 Power Strike
Level 22-27: +3 Power Strike
And the rest goes into whatever you like

[name=6]##2nd Job Build
All hybrid is is a build that lets you use both spears and pole arms.
Let's look at the skill builds hybrids follow

A pure build would go something like
Level 30: +1 Spear/PA Mastery
Level 31-36: +3 Spear/PA Mastery
Level 37: +1 SPear/PA Mastery, +2 Spear/PA Booster
Level 38: +3 Spear/PA Booster
Level 39: +1 Spear/PA Booster, save points
Level 40-48: Save Points
Level 49: +30 Spear/PA FA, +1 Iron Will
Level 50: +2 Iron Will, +1 HB
Level 51-59: +3 HB
Level 60: +2 HB, +1 Spear/PA Booster
Level 61-64: +3 Spear/PA Booster
Level 65: +1 Spear/PA Booster, +2 Iron Will
Level 66-70: +3 Iron Will

This way you should end up with
Max Iron Will
Max Spear/PA Mastery (Not both like a hybrid, only the one that you chose)
Max Spear/PA Booster (Same as for mastery)
Max Spear/PA FA (Again the same)
Max HB

A hybrid build however would go something like
Level 30: +1 PA Mastery
Level 31-36: +3 PA Mastery
Level 37-38: +3 PA Booster
Level 39: +3 IW
Level 40-49: +3 HB
Level 50: +1 PA Mastery, +2 PA Booster
Level 51-54: +3 PA Booster
Level 55-60: +3 Spear Mastery
Level 61: +2 Spear Mastery, +1 Spear Booster
Level 62-67: +3 Spear Booster
Level 68: +1 Spear Booster, +2 IW
Rest into IW

This way you should end up with:
11 IW
Max PA Mastery
Max PA Booster
Max Spear Mastery
Max Spear Booster
Max HB

There is also a hybrid 1.5 build that I wouldn't recommend. Simply, it is a hybrid build that let's you go hybrid and still get FA (which isn't even a good skill)
The build is
Level 30: +1 PA mastery
Level 31-36: +3 PA Mastery
Level 37-38: +3 PA Booster
Level 39-48: +3 PA Final Attack
Level 49: +3 IW
Level 50-59: +3 HB
Level 60: +3 PA Booster
Level 61: +1 PA Booster, +2 Spear Mastery
Level 62-66: +3 Spear Mastery
Level 67: +2 Spear Mastery, +1 Spear Booster
Level 68-70: +3 Spear Booster

With this build you are losing 1 acc by not maxing mastery, you will have to rebuff booster twice as often, and you will have the useless skill FA.

[name=7]##Final Attack
You've probably noticed the major skill that changes these builds is Final Attack. Let me begin by saying it doesn't activate on roar, fury, or crusher, which are the attacks you'll be using at 70+
So from the time you max FA, you'll be using it for about 20 levels
Also note that because of the low damage, FA simply lowers your damage until about level 21, so if you do decide to get it, save up the 30 points and dump them into FA all at once
Also, FA lowers your mobbing damage when you can use it. For most of those levels (you should be using it 48-70) you'll be mobbing (CPQ, truckers, mp3, and windraiders)

When FA activates on slash blast, the damage is spread to every monster. Let's say you are fighting a mob of 6 and FA activates. Instead of dealing 250% to every monster, you would deal 167% to the first, 55.6% to the second, 18.5% to the third, 6.18% to the fourth, 2.06% to the fifth, and 0.687% to the sixth. Basically, you will deal about 1/3 less to each enemy.
The only time FA would be helpful is when you are using power strike, which makes it not worth the 30 SP

[name=8]##Why is hybrid better aside from FA?
Well Let's look at this by job
In second job, power strike and slash blast share a 3:2 slash:stab ratio, meaning your weapon will slash more than it stabs. PAs do more damage when slashing, and spears do more damage when stabbing (makes sense?)
In third job you will be training at mobby maps like windraiders, stormbreakers, typhoons, himes, elderwraiths, wolf spiders, etc. meaning you will be using the attack fury instead of crusher
Fury is a forced slash, meaning it slashes every time, so it will do much more damage if used with a pole arm, so you'll be using a PA for 3rd job as well
At around 13x you'll probably be switching to skeles, which is a lower spawn area. Because of this, and the fact that you'll be bossing which is generally 1v1, you'll be using crusher as an attack, which is a forced stab. This means a spear will do much more damage for 130+

[name=9]##So I have to switch weapons? I think I'll just use one instead
This is a common and huge mistake. People think they need to switch weapons, or that hybrid is too complicated, so they go pure.
You do NOT have to switch weapons while training. You won't even be using spears at all until 4th job, and you won't even need a PA once you start skeleing.
It is not a complicated build to follow, and it is worth it to train much faster and hit much higher.

[name=10]##What should my build be in 3rd job?
For a hybrid the best build for training would be:

Level 70: +1 PA Fury
Level 71-79: +3 PA Fury
Level 80: +2 PA Fury, +1 Element Resistance
Level 81: +3 Sacrifice
Level 82-90: +3 Dragon Roar
Level 91: +2 Dragon Roar, +1 Spear Crusher
Level 92-100: +3 Spear Crusher
Level 101: +2 Spear Crusher, +1 Ele Resistance
Level 102-107: +3 Ele Resistance
Level 108-117: +3 Spear Fury
And put your leftover points into Iron Will

If you look at your skills, you'll see when you go from 15 to 16 crusher starts hitting only one monster. So, once you get crusher to lvl 15, save up 6 SP and dump them in to get crusher to 21.

This way you should end up with
19/20 Iron Will
Max PA Fury
Max Spear Crusher
Max Spear Fury
Max Ele Resistance
Max Dragon Roar
3 Sacrifice

[name=11]##Why Spear Fury
In 4th job you'll be training on skeles by rushing them, using crusher, and killing them
But let's say when you use crusher, you lower them to about 5k hp, which you can hit with spear fury
You will crusher them down to 5k hp, and use a fury
This is because fury is faster than crusher (I believe 25% faster, but I'm not sure), so it can be used as a "finisher"

[name=12]##Why No Dragon Blood?
Because there are simply more important skills to get. DB is easily replaced by NLC att pots for just 5k per 10 min.
Getting DB means sacrificing either roar, spear fury, spear crusher, PA fury, or ele resist, all of which are crucial skills and are far more useful to have maxed than to have dragon blood.
And putting the leftover 8 points at the end of 3rd job into DB is also pointless, as it only adds 6 att, so you won't even be using it due to the 12 att given from warrior elixirs

note that if you went pure for some reason, DB would be a good option for you to get, because you will have extra SP due to either not getting PA fury, or not getting spear crusher and spear fury.

[name=13]##Dragon Roar vs. Spear Crusher
It seems that many people can't decide whether to get spear crusher or roar after PA fury.
Quite simply, I found roar more useful. Roar can actually be used for training at maps like typhoons and wolf spiders, spear crusher you won't be using.
You will NOT be training at low spawn maps in 3rd job, and you won't be bossing much, if any, either. I found it better to wait till 100/110 to get a pinaka/faltizan to use crusher with, after all, if you go crusher first, using it (if you ever did) would mean using two weaps, which isn't really worth it when you could take the route for faster training AND only use one weap.
Roar is also just plain fun o_O I mean, 400% range, 250% dmg, you can hit 3 platforms at hhg1 at once, do quests insanely fast, and ks all classes other than 4th job mages if they try and KS you. It's also a must have at typhoons and fairly helpful for wolf spiders/galloperas, and in 4th job it's an easy way to get into zerk range without just taking touch dmg. Every DK should get it, whether or not you get it before or after spear crusher or even ele resist is up to you., but I would recommend roar comes right after PA fury.
Also remember that roar requires 3 Sacrifice.

[name=14]##4th Job Skill Build
This won't be by level for now, considering not everyone can afford mw20 or zerk30
Level 120: +1 Beholder, +1 Rush, +1 Zerk
Max Beholder
Max Zerk (If you can't afford this get it to 20 and move on)
Max MW/Stance (Read below to determine which is best for you. If you can't afford max MW, get it to level 10 and move on)
Max MW/Stance (Whichever you didn't get before comes next)
Max Rush
Max Beholder's Healing
Max Beholder's Enchantment (You may not actually want to max this; you may want to leave it at level 20, because using it with the atk buff cancels out apples, so if maxed, you won't be able to use both this skill and apples at bosses)
Max Achilles
Max Monster Magnet

You may be confused which is more useful to you out of stance or MW, so I'll get right to the point. Maple Warrior is best if the dmg increase will let you kill skeles in less hits. Stance is best if MW will not, if you train with someone with max MW, or if you boss a lot (as in more than you train).

As for beholder's enchantment, there is a varying build here. At level 20 the only important stat it buffs is acc, and at level 25 it now buffs acc and attack (20 acc, 15 attack. The acc does not change from level 20-25). This is very useful for bossing, because low dex's/dexlesses who only get 139 acc can no use this to have more acc for bossing. The only problem here is that it does not stack with apples. Because of this you have an important choice to make-maxing it, or leaving it at 20. If you boss a lot, and need the acc/apples, you may want to leave it at 20. If you would rather have what is convenient for training, max it, and just put up with 20 less acc/not using an apple when bossing.

DK's are naturally mobbers, so your training spots will generally be limited to high spawn areas

[name=16]##1st Job

[url=]Level 10-20 HPQ[/url]
This goes much faster if you have high level friends willing to help you out
Also, doing the bonus can be good exp

[url=]Level 10-20 Pig Mini Dungeon[/url]
This goes faster if you went power strike first, runa round the map 1v1ing, or mob each platform/the bottom
EXP: 9/10
Mesos: 9/10

[url=]Level 10-20 Pig Beach[/url]
This goes faster if you went slash blast first, rotate around the map mobbing and killing.
EXP: 10/10
Mesos: 9/10

[url=]Level 15-25 Caution Falling Down[/url]
You may have trouble hitting the bubblings at first, this goes faster if you went slash blast first
EXP: 10/10
Mesos: 8/10

[url=]Level 15-30 Ant Tunnel Mini Dungeon[/url]
This works best if you went slash blast first, and also have some power strike
Go down the plat forms power striking/slash blasting until the spawn is low, then go to the bottom and slash blast the huge mob of mushrooms
EXP: 8/10
Mesos: 8/10

[url=]Level 20-30 KPQ[/url]
It may be hard to find a CH if you are in a crowded server, and you may have trouble hitting ligators.
EXP: 9/10
Mesos: 11/10 (The PQ gives scrolls, equips, and ores as rewards)

Level 20-30 APQ
This takes practice to win, but it gives good mesos if you are able to get 200 points, because you get a palm tree chair that can sell for about 5m
EXP: 9/10
Mesos: 10/10

[url=]Level 20-30 Sahel III[/url]
Sand rats are here, and it is probably the best spot if you went slash blast first and can hit well
Kill them as you see them, or lure them from side to side and kill with slash blast.
EXP: 11/10
Mesos: 7/10

[name=17]##Second Job

[url=]Level 30-35 Sahel III[/url]
Sand Rats are still nice EXP at this level, you should be able to kill quickly by now, and you shouldn't even need to lure them considering how fast you should be able to kill.
EXP: 7/10
Mesos: 8/10

[url=]Level 30-45 Lab - Area B-3[/url]
Iron mutaes are here, and they are awesome. It's not hard finding a ch, they don't require that much acc, the pot burn isn't that bad, absolutely amazing spawn, close to a town, good HP:EXP ratio, and flat map. What more could you want? This is probably the best alternative to CPQ at 3x EXP-wise.
EXP: 9/10
Mesos: 9/10

[url=]Level 30-50 CPQ[/url]
This is probably your best option, at least for 30-45. You may have acc trouble at early 3x, so do trade wins with friends
I would recommend doing TW until 40, and doing pq 40+ from then on, using slash blast in rooms 3/4. Go with friends and have them summon trojans and speed for you.
EXP: 10/10
Mesos: 10/10

[url=]Level 35-50 LPQ[/url]
It may be hard to find a good party, but with SoK now out, you can earn the glasses and sell them for lots of cash, or keep them. Also good exp
EXP: 8/10
Mesos: 10/10 if you get glasses to SoK

[url=]45-55 Elin PQ[/url]
From what I hear, this is good exp if you can find a party. Also, get the earrings and either use them or SoK them for some fast cash
EXP: 9/10
Mesos: 10/10

[url=]45-55 Lab - Area C-1[/url]
Roids are here, and again, they are great spawn, flat map, good EXP:HP ratio. They're somewhat in between mp3 and truckers, and are great EXP for 45-55, when you should be making the transition from CPQ/Truckers to mp3.
EXP: 9/10
Mesos: 9/10

[url=]40-60 Suburban Area 2[/url]
As usual, you may have ACC problems at first, but these guys are amazing exp. They're at Singapore and come in mobs, but be ready for pot burn. Cycle the platforms mobbing and killing, and loot the mesos/drops and npc the drops. (This is a good spot if you are late 4x, as you can CPQ from singapore, repot at singapore, find truckers at singapore, and maybe even try mp3 in singapore).
EXP: 9/10
Mesos: 7/10

[url=]51-60 LMPQ[/url]
This is AMAZING money, and probably the best exp for 51-55, but after that the EXP starts to slow down
Using 2x drop here makes it go much faster.
Note that with the release of CPQ2, very few people still do LMPQ. It's still great money and pretty good EXP, and do it if you have some friends that will do it with you, or if you are in a crowded server at a popular time and you can find enough people.
EXP: 9/10
Mesos: 11/10

[url=]50-70 Mysterious Path 3[/url]
This is absolutely amazing exp, the monsters come in huge mobs. If you are soloing, lure the monsters on the bottom plat to the far left, stand on the boat and snipe with slash blast, and alternate between the platforms
You can also share the map with a mage, who stands on the truck and snipes, while you slash blast on the top 2 platforms
If you can't find a ch, the ghost ship has the same monsters, just not as good spawn, but still good exp.
EXP: 10/10
Mesos: 7/10

[url=]50-70 Vanished Village[/url]
This place is basically a mini mp3. A flat map, great spawn, and similar HP/EXP as those monsters as mp3. It's at mush shrine, which you can get to from spinel in boat quay town, so it's not far away at all from mp3. Great to come to during 2x, or when there isn't a free mp3 channel.
EXP: 8/10
Mesos: 7/10

[url=]55-70 Lower Ascent[/url]
Windraiders are here, and they are insane exp (800 per kill!)
They have 16k hp though, and almost all classes train here, so beware of ksers
It's also hard to get to, but once you are 70 you can do a quest that lets you skip the Jump Quest
You may have acc problems, so once you hit 64, grab a maple weap and come here.
EXP: 10/10
Mesos: 7/10

[name=18]##3rd Job
[url=]70-85 Lower Ascent[/url]
Windraiders are still great exp, now you will be able to snipe with fury to burn less pots Also remember to loot badges for the exchange quest.
EXP: 9/10
Mesos: 9/10

75-90 CWK (Stormbreaker Room)
These are the yellow and red guys you've probably seen at lower ascent, but with a better spawn here. Take advantage of being able to hit the top and middle plats at the same time, not that these guys don't drop mesos, but do drop badges used for the NLC exchange quest
To get to them go through the bottom right door; beware of the crimson gaurdians in the middle right room, and the crimson gaurdians you have to run past to get to cwk, which hit 3.5k
EXP: 8/10
Mesos: 5/10

[url=]75-90 Wolf Spider Cavern[/url]
These guys are godly exp with PA fury, if you have roar mobbing is much easier. Just be careful, these guys hit 1.6k so it's easy to die here. Pick up the mesos, they drop about 1k each =o They also drop ilbis if you're lucky. Cycle the platforms on the side mobbing with fury/roar and standing against the wall using fury, then use roar/fury to mob them on the bottom. Kill the ones in the center platforms every now and then. They also have an odd hitbox, so sometimes you might literally miss them all together. Also watch out for aran ksers.
EXP: 8/10
Mesos: 9/10

[url=]70-75 Magatia PQ[/url]
I wouldn't recommend this, but it is decent exp, but major pot burn. Also shouldn't be hard finding a party because of HB.
EXP: 7/10
Mesos: 6/10

[url=]85-130 Encounter With the Buddha[/url]
Himes. This is amazing exp if you can hit well (don't be afraid to use some nubby acc gear, I used an acc glove and 100%'d karstan here for 8x and got over 50%/hour), especially if you bring a priest along. Up to 100 you'll be making an easy 30%+ per hour here. Beware of black crow that spawns here, he hits 8.2k, and beware of the pot burn if you try to solo. Loot and NPC the drops. If you don't mind burning slightly more pots and you can kill at a decent speed (I would suggest not doing this until you can consistently hit over 5k with fury, because you might get overrun by monsters and slow down the spawn), try middle mobbing. It is usually better exp. You stand in the middle of the map while the priest brings you a mob from one side. While you kill the mob, the priest is luring a mob from the other side, and it keeps repeating (remember to HB the priest as he/she runs by). The other method is to stand in the corner of the map as the priest brings a mob and spams heal while you kill. If you are a lower lvl and it takes you a while to kill, you could try bringing in a second attacker, since HS would work better and you would be able to kill faster, the EXP wouldn't be much worse, in fact, it might even be better.
If the new EXP ratio remains, this gets a 12.5/10 for EXP, because you are getting 20% more EXP and the priest is getting 20% less.
EXP: 11/10
Mesos: 10/10 with a priest, 5/10 solo

[url=]85-110 Evil Dead[/url]
This map is full of elderwraiths. These guys require a bit of acc at 8x and early 9x, and hit hard (2.5k). Also watch out for bigfoot who spawns here. Stand at the far right spamming PA fury, and the elderwraiths will lure themselves to you Also loot the rags and ashes, which you can sell for 20k each. (This completely makes up for pot burn =D) Kill HH if he spawns. Be careful when looting though, because you can't pot while looting, and these guys hit around 2.4k.
EXP: 8/10
Mesos: 11/10

[url=]90-120 Path of Peril[/url]
Typhons spawn here. It is a crazy map, right after Lower Ascent. Beware of the typhon's magic attack that sends you flying across the map, and if you fall you have to repeat the 2nd stage of the jump quest. There is a somewhat safe spot in the middle of the map, stand between the thorns and the wall, and use roar to lure the typhons (if your roar is maxed, you rarely have to move). Also, these guys hit very weak, and drop quite a bit of mesos
EXP: 8/10
Mesos: 10/10

[url=]90-130 Entrance to the Spooky World[/url]
Galloperas are here, and they are absolutely amazing. Expect to get atleast 15% even at 12x soloing here. Best of all, they have an amazing hp:exp ratio of 1:17.2 and have a tremendous spawn in a somewhat small map. If you are in the higher lvl range for fighting here you can try using crusher and killing them as you go, otherwise mob them from side to side and own them with fury (or use roar to mob). Alternate every now and then between the bottom and top, but beware of mages taking ch's since this is a very popular leech spot, and mages ultimate works very well here. If you can find a ch, this is possibly better exp and money than himes.
If the new EXP ratio remains, I recommend you split the map with a priest that has max HS and max SR. Have them take the top platform and you take the bottom. As long as they give you max HS, you could even leech them and get better exp than soloing (the new 80% per kill formula+HS means more than 100% per kill).
Exp: 12/10 Better than himes in my opinion.
Mesos: 11/10 They don't hit very hard compared to e-wraiths, himes, etc. and drop power crystal ores, paper planes, and equips quite often. They even drop GFA 60% if you are lucky!

[name=19]##4th Job
Under construction. Note that I'm still 3rd job, so I'll need some advice on this section, what levels to train here, and how to train

[url=]130+ Skeles Mini Dungeon[/url]
I think the mini dungeon is the best spot for these guys. The best way to train here is with a bishop bombing while you run around rushing+crushing them, using fury as a finisher if needed. If you get really desperate you could try going with an AM. These guys are the ideal end-game training for all classes, so you better get used to zerking their 3k hits and knowing the map well.
NOTE: With zerk30, to 100% 2hko skeles you need a range of around 3000-6800, and to 100% 1hko you need a range of around 6000-13500 (these assume you are only using crusher and they cast def. up)
EXP: 10/10
Mesos: 7/10

[url=]140/150+ Road to Oblivion 4[/url]
Oblivion Gaurdians/Chief Oblivion Gaurdians spawn here. From what I hear this is best solo, and it is best to wait until you have max stance. These guys are the strongest non-boss monsters in the game, so they may be even better for end-game training. With PoTs dropping these guys are great and even cover pot burn costs (assuming PoTs don't deflate in the near future). Note that you need over 170 acc here. Also, they hit around 4.5k, so you may want to stay away if you're below 150 and you lag, your zerk isn't maxed, or you haven't hp washed.
EXP: 10/10
Meso: 12/10

[url=]140+ Crimsonwood Keep[/url]
Crimson Gaurdians are here. It's very easy to find a free ch, and these guys come in some nice mobs, but nexon took away the fury sniping spot, and they now seal far too often, so training here is a real pain in the butt. Also no good drops as far as I know.
EXP: 8/10
Meso: 6/10

[name=20]##What pots to use
This seems to be a common question, so I'll tell you the best pots to use based on your max hp/mp

300-500 Orange Potions (these heal 150 hp each)
500-1000 Hamburgers found in Florina Beach (these heal 400 hp each)
1000-2000 Supreme Pizzas in NLC (these heal 900 hp each for 1k, but also heal 600 mp)
2000-4667 Barbarian Elixirs in NLC (these heal 1500 hp each)
4667+ Honsters (these heal 60% of your max hp for 2.8k each)
You'll be using honsters until 4th job when you need to switch back to set amounts to stay in your zerk range

100-500 Blue Potions (these heal 100 mp each)
500-1000 waffles (these heal 300 mp and 300 hp for 600 mesos)
1000-1500 Supreme Pizzas (These heal 600 mp and 900 hp for 1k each)
1500+ Sorcerer Elixirs (these heal 1500 mp for 1500 mesos)

As for zerking, usually the best options are to spam satays from singapore, and use cheeses for those OMGIMADIE moments, and also use cheese once your zerk range is high enough.

As for attack pots, you have a few options depending on funding. Warrior Elixirs in NLC are the best, giving 12 attack for 5k each, and lasting 8 minutes. Ciders give the most attack, and only cost 1k each, but have two major flaws. The first is that they also give -5 acc, and the second is that they are not stackable, so unlike warrior elixirs, you can only carry one of these per slot. If you have nx though, you can buy more use inventory space to make these easier to use.
If you are very low on cash, you can use warrior potions/pills that give a 5 attack boost.

[name=21]##Capping DEX
Some very common questions are about base DEX. First of all, you need to understand how much acc you need and where acc comes from.
For end-game (skele training) you need 139 acc.
Every point of dex gives you 0.8 acc, and every point of luk gives you 0.5 acc
A zhelm gives 20 acc, 15 dex, and 15 luk on avg, which is 39.5 acc,
You should have 4 base luk, which is 2 acc,
Sniper Pills in ludi give 10 acc
Mastery gives 20 acc
15 dex pants give 12 acc
10 acc shoes give, well, 10 acc
10 dex earrings give 8 acc (DEX earrings however are not recommended, because they are very expensive, and don't even give that much ACC. Only use them as a last resort)
Black belts give 5 dex and 5 luk, which is about 6 acc
An average MoN gives 21.5 acc
And leveling a cygnus to 120 means a 12 acc boost
that alone is already about 141.5 acc, without any base DEX, which is more than needed. considering the lowest dex you can have is 4, that means you have 144.7 acc as a dexless with those somewhat average equips, and without an overall. Getting slightly better stats on any of those means you could switch to str/speed shoes from maker
Let's say you went 60 base dex, which seems to be average these days
That would be equal to 48 acc, giving you a total of 168 acc, with those equips I listed above. Ditch the pill, shoes, earrings, and you're still good with 140 acc.
Let's say you went 30 base dex, which is low dex. You would have a total of 186.5. acc. You're already way over the goal. Ditch the shoes for str/speed shoes, ditch the earrings, and ditch the pill for convenience and you still have 158.5 acc. You could even consider ditching the top/bottom for a str overall and still have about 146 acc.
If you were to go dexless, you would have 144.5 acc with those equips. If you

This means 60 base dex is very easy to pull off, 30 isn't too hard either, and dexless is easily possible with a few hundred mil.
It's up to you to decide what you think you can afford. Remember that you can always raise your base dex, but lowering it with AP resets will cost a fortune.

On the topic of DEX, some may be wondering how to spend their AP.
Once you get to level 10, start adding 2 dex and 3 str per level, or stop if you reach your dex cap. If you get to level 30 and you haven't reached your DEX cap, add 1 dex and 4 str per level until you do.
For more on equips and capping DEX, refer to [url=]The guide to the low/no DEX warrior[/url]

[name=22]##Equips by level
Level 10-26: just use typical clean warrior equips from NPC's. Also start going for a white belt at 25.
26: start looking for some speed whitebottom shoes if you are 60+ base dex. Otherwise look for 8+ acc red snowshoes at level 30.
You should also be looking for an att work glove, or transfer one from another char to save money.
35: Buy a blue crusader chainmail from a NPC and 100% it for dex (if you are dexless or low dex, you should start looking for a better dex chainmail, because you will be using it until level 80). Also go for a yellow belt.
43: Grabbing a maple scorpio that will last you until level 64 would be a good investment here. Also look for a 8-10 str icarus 2 cape
45: Start going for a blue belt.
50: ZHELM ASAP. It gives 40 acc and about 5 att from the str, also the avoid will save you a bit in pots over time
60: Start going for that red belt.
64: Get a good pro or godly karstan here. The 30 some acc+normal speed+3 base str make this a weapon that can last you until level 100.
70: Hey you're a DK now =D Unfortunately no upgrades to celebrate
75: Find some music to listen to; it's gonna take a while for you to get that black belt.
80: Get a dex battle road if you are low dex/dexless, otherwise grab a clean one, and might as well 100% it for dex (it will help to hime earlier). Also, if you've been waiting, now is when you can finally get a scarlion/targa helm.
100: If you are still using a karstan, unless it is truly godly, now would be a good time to switch to a zedbug or red surfboard. Also, if you can afford to switch to lose some acc, switch to using dex neos pants and a str neos top. (dex/speed neos pants if you can afford losing even more acc)
130: Himes should be starting to slow down, and you should be getting ready to start bossing and training at skeles, so get yourself a pinaka, or a faltizan/reverse spear if you can afford it.

[name=23]##How Much STR/ATT is this equal too?
Since there are so many threads about this, even though it's for all warriors in general, I decided to put it in here.
Very simply, to find the rough att:str ratio, divide your attack with equips by your str with equips (remember to count a cape/glove if you have those with att). If you have a 90 atk weapon, 8 att wg, and 2 attack cape, and with all your equips you have 400 str, divide 100 into 400 and your att:str ratio is 1:4
This changes by level because at lower levels you'll be gaining attack very fast, because weaps already start off at 20 or so atk, and rise very fast every 5 or so levels, and you only gain 5 str per level. At very low levels, like 1st job and very early 2nd, your att:str ratio is probably somewhere between 1:2-1:3. As you get near 3rd job it starts rising to around 1:3-1:3.5, at around 100 it's usually at around 1:4, once you hit 4th job it's usually around 1:5, and from there it keeps rising (I believe it's usually somewhere between 1:8-1:10 at lvl 200)
This is why PACs/Tarus are often recommended at higher levels. At Level 50 a 2/6 PAC would only give you about 10-12 str worth, while at level 150 a 2/6 PAC would probably be worth about 18-20 str, almost double the amount. Still, ic2s are generally better for training because of the speed.

[name=24]##Can I go hybrid?
If you're one of the many who has a messed up skill build, instead of asking what you can do, try to figure it out on your own. Your 2nd job skills should contain at least 19 of each mastery, 10 of each booster, max HB, 3 or more iron will, as little FA as possible (meaning if you got FA, but haven't maxed it, don't add any more points into it). For 3rd job PA fury and spear crusher should be maxed, dragon roar should be maxed, you should have 3 sacrifice, and spear fury and elemental resistance should be maxed as well. If for some reason you don't have enough points for all these, taking out of ER/spear fury would be the best spots. Try to keep spear fury as high as possible, and try to keep ER at atleast level 1 to reduce at least some m.dmg. Remember that the standard hybrid 2nd and 3rd job builds each give 3 extra SP. You can use these to patch up other skills missing points if you must, but generally put these into iron will.

[name=25]##Recommended Equips
First of all, I want to start with gloves, because a lot of people seem to make this mistake
I used a dex/acc glove, but that was because of just one special scenario: to hime earlier
I took advantage of my 80 base dex, added int he glove, and had overkill acc, so I could hime at lvl 80, and get 60-70%/hour
Other than vary rare situations like that, absolutely never use a dex/acc glove
a 8 att glove will be worth usually 25-40 str depending on your lvl. Even if you could somehow get a glove with 25-40 dex on it, it would just not be worth it! YOU DO NOT NEED THE DEX/ACC FROM A GLOVE TO TRAIN
you could have negative base dex and not even need a dex/acc glove!

Belts: Dojo your butt off, getting black belt means +5 str and +6.5 acc through dex and luk, meaning a black belt is end-game, and easy enough to get at higher lvls. If you are really dmg hungry, and rich, you can try chaosing a belt for end-game (there are 3 slots making the max possible stats 20/20/20/20). Also, you can always 100% your belts for either str or dex, since 100% scrolls usually are no more than 500k-1m. Also, there are now att/speed belts with their own chaos scrolls. These are very cost-efficient up to around 4-5 attack, and I would highly recommend you get one if you have the money.

This is the same as gloves.
They are insanely expensive and just not worth it. You could easily get 150 acc without a dex cape or any base stats whatsoever
scrolling it with str instead of dex will usually give you about 2 att worth of str, for what, 6 acc?
Get a str icarus 2, aim for atleast 8+ str. Also note that PACs can be better than ic2 in 4th job. First off, the att:str ratio gets more in favor of the PAC at higher lvls. Second, you will be bossing a lot at higher lvls, where dmg is far more important than speed. If you have the money, get a godly att/str PAC for end-game, otherwise stick to an ic2 (or get a decent PAC and use it for bossing, and the ic2 for training)

As usual, you do not need dex earrings! You'd spend a good 50m on about 6 acc when you could easily get it somewhere else. If you have the money to waste, go ahead! This is even less useful for DK's though, because they only need dex for acc. It's understandable for heros to get them for ST, but DK's DO NOT NEED DEX EARRINGS
I would actually prefer def/hp earrings! (Which I use btw ;o)
For 4th job you can use all the hp you can get to zerk easier, and you won't even need the extra acc
If you don't wanna bother scrolling hp earrings, or can't find the scrolls/prescrolled ones, or don't have the maple ones, use cecelia's earrings (lvl60) because they give w.def

Face Accessory:
This seems to be the new craze o_O
The only face accessory that is worth getting is Broken Glasses. Get some 2 str ones for 100m or so, or use a LPQ mule to get them for free! (If you provide the SoK of course ;o)
Some people also get whtie raccoon masks. They can have quite a bit of acc (I've seen 17 acc ones) if you can afford them. It's just not worth it though and not even needed

I could keep this simple o_O
but nah
Get a zhelm
It gives 39.5 acc on avg, and enough str for 3-5 att worth
Go on a run if you are tight for cash instead of buying a SoK, because it is almost always cheaper (but beware you may get a below average one)
If you can't afford a zhelm, or are wondering what to use before level 50, a clean bone helm, or blue bamboo hat, or brown dana/black-red starry dana with acc are the best substitutes.
And then there is the nice 150 def/150 m.def

Now that malaysia came out, scarlion and targa helms are basically the same stats as zhelms, but with a lvl 80 req (lvl 90 to go on a run if you don't buy SoK'd). There really aren't any big difference in stats. Scarlions have either 17/15/15/15 or 15/17/15/15, 30 less m.def, 25 hp and 3 jump more. The only major difference is the level req, and the looks. It's completely up to you if you want to go with scarlion or zhelm.

There are 2 paths you can go with shoes
Get some acc scrolled red snowshoes at lvl 30 and keep them forever/keep upgrading them (for the low dex/dexlesses out there)
Or get some speed/str shoes

it is a waste of money, and the str on clean warrior shoes can give over 1 att worth already, CLEAN. Scroll them with speed or use maker and they are even better!
I should expand on the str/speed shoes
What I did (And it worked out pretty darn nicely o_O) is use some 10 speed whitebottom shoes (you can get more or less speed depending on funding, but remember you can 100% them for 8 speed) until lvl 80 and grab some 4 str 10 speed shoes.
With maker out, the best option is to wait until 80+ when shoes have 4 str on them clean, use maker to make some 9 str, 5 speed shoes (more or less depending on funding again) and throw some 60%'s for speed at them. You're almost guaranteed to end up with 9+ str, 9+ speed shoes, 9 str being equivalent to 2-3 att usually

CPQ for a s-necklace, use that until you can get a MoN for end-game. Do not get a HT pendant, it's more expensive, and due to the reset, the att on a MoN (Mark of Nairicain) will always beat out other pendants.
You can get a dep star if you really want, but remember it's 40m for +5 stats when you already have a free +1 stats necklace

This is where it gets interesting ;o
You have MANY choices for armor, so I'll start with the choices for reg-high dex
Use clean top/bottoms with +str clean until either 80 or 100. At 80 if you have the money/ability to find the rarely scrolled str overalls, buy a str battle road for end-game
If not, at 100 get a str top, and clean 3 str neos pants until you can afford to use maker to get some godly str/speed pants, and throw some 60%s for dex/speed at them

For low dex/reg, get a dex crusader chainmail at lvl 35 (if you are poor, just 100% it so it comes out to 14 dex)
And at lvl 80 get a battle road, 100% it for dex/buy a scrolled one, then at 100 get a str top and dex bottom, unless you are able to afford/find a str battle road, and can go without the extra acc from dex bottoms

For dexless, you will need a godly dex chainmail at 35. Then at 80 get a godly dex battle road. If you are able to, get a godly str top and godly dex/speed bottoms at 100 if you can afford losing the acc from an overall

Until 35 for all builds, use clean warrior top/bottoms from NPC's

[name=26]##Skill Books
All credit for this goes to ayumilove

Common Skills:
Maple Warrior 10 - Base Skill
Maple Warrior 20 - Horntail (friggin expensive)
Awakening 1 - Obtained after completing Chief Tatamo's quest

Common Warrior Skills:
Achilles 10 - Base Skill
Achilles 20 - Skelegon, Skelosaurus
Achilles 30 - Manon
Blocking 10 - Obtained after completing quest for "Blocking"
Blocking 20 - Skelosaurus
Blocking 30 - Manon
Monster Magnet 10 - Base Skill
Monster Magnet 20 - Pianus, Nest Golem
Monster Magnet 30 - Pianus
Rush 10 - Available from Quest (STORYBOOK - Taurospear) / Obtained after completing Manji's quest
Rush 20 - Pianus, Dark Cornian, Green Cornian
Rush 30 - Pianus
Stance 10 - Available from completing El Nath PQ
Stance 20 - Dark Cornian, Pap
Stance 30 - Zakum

DrK Skills:
Beholder 10 - Base Skill
Berserk 10 - Available from Quest - (Obtained after completing Librarian Wiz's Quest)
Berserk 20 - Zakum
Berserk 30 - Horntail (friggin expensive)
Beholder Buff 10 - Available from Quest (Talk to 4th Job NPC)
Beholder Buff 20 - Available from Quest (Talk to 4th Job NPC)
Beholder Buff 25 - Available from Quest (Talk to 4th Job NPC)
Beholder Healing 10 - Available from Quest (Talk to 4th Job NPC)
Beholder Healing 20 - Available from Quest (Talk to 4th Job NPC)
Beholder Healing 25 - Available from Quest (Talk to 4th Job NPC)

[name=27]##HP Washing
Basically, what HP Washing is, is when you use AP resets from the cash shop to take points out of MP and put them into HP, making managing berzerk easier.

First off, I want to state a few things. If you are thinking about HP washing, know that it will be expensive, and make sure there aren't other things more important for you to do with the money before you hp wash. Also, HP washing is in no way necessary, and should simply be considered a luxury to those that have nx (Yes, another luxury for those that have nx ~_~). Other classes such as bowmen HP wash so they can tank hits from bosses and higher lvled monsters, but this will simply focus on DrKs.
Basically, this is how it works. You level up (If you can, level up wearing INT equips, because every 10 INT you have gives you 1 extra MP when you level), add 1 AP into HP (make sure you can afford to wash before doing this, otherwise you'll be wasting your AP), and use an AP reset on MP. Also make sure you do this 1 AP at a time, don't add all 5 into HP before you wash the previous one. You can then use this point on STR. Basically, you add a point into HP, take a point out of MP, and put that point into STR so that you don't lose any STR by doing this.

Something else to take note of is your minimum MP. A DrK's mp cannot go below a set amount. The formula for finding this is 4*your level + 56. So if you are level 100, multiply that by 4 to get 400, and add 56, so a level 100 DK would not be able to hp wash below 456 mp (not that you would want to HP wash before 4th job anyway). Also note that your HP cannot go above 30k, so there is no point in HP washing above 18,750 HP, since HB will just bring it to the max of 30k.

Q:Should I be hybrid?
A: Yes

Q:Should I get PA fury or spear crusher first?
A:PA Fury definitely, it will be best for training as you will be training on larger mobs for 3rd job, ad crusher will be better for bossing, which you won't be doing much/any of during 3rd job

Q:Should I get roar or spear crusher first?
A:This one is on the fence. I got roar first and I don't regret it at all, but many get spear crusher first. Roar will speed up training more, which is why I find it more helpful (and it's just plain fun, since you can ks all other 3rd job classes with it)

Q:What is so bad about final attack?
A:Well, it doesn't activate on 3rd job attacks making it a waste of 30 SP, it keeps you from going hybrid and having full boosters, it lowers mobbing damage in 2nd job, which you are primarily mobbing, and lowers your damage overall until it is at a high skill level.

Q:So I have to switch weapons while training?
A:No, for some reason everyone seems to think this. You don't even need to carry a PA and spear with you! For level 30-130 you will only be using a PA, for level 130-140 you may be switching off, but not while training, and for 140+ you will only be using a spear

Q:-insert question about other class here-
A:DK questions only please o_O

Q:-insert math question about damage formulas, weapon attacks/speeds, etc-
A:[url=]Anni's guide explains it better than I ever could[/url]

Q:What is -item- worth?
A:I'm not that good with prices, try [url=]this thread.[/url]

Q:Can I go spear first in 2nd job?
A:Yes, as a matter of fact I went spear first since I screwed up my build. Be prepared to do less DPM, but once you get to lvl 70 it won't affect you at all. Also, going hybrid but spear first in 2nd job still beats going pure in the long run.

[url=]ACC Calculator[/url]
[url=]Scrolling Simulator[/url](for fun )
[url=]In-Depth Weapon guide[/url]
[url=]Recommended Equips[/url]
[url=]%/Hour Thread[/url]
[url=]Skill Quest Guide[/url]
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mitchela Level 99 Scania Marauder
Good guide
Aug 28 2009
Just restarted my DK to make Hybrid.
Click helpful please.
Aug 28 2009
your guide was really good but for training you should include ellin pq
idk if you've ever done it, but its GREAT exp its 52k per pq thats about 10%
and with a good party it takes 8-15%. and if you do it 50 times you get glittering altaire earings. if you made the guide from experience, you can take my word that it was the best training for me from 50-55
its hard to find a party when you're 45-49
Aug 28 2009
mitchela Level 99 Scania Marauder
I hope they sticky this
Aug 28 2009
This is really, really well done on your part. Kudos.

Just one suggestion, Supreme Pizzas are actually good even for the HP portion (1000-2000), as opposed to Hot Dogs.
Aug 29 2009
yo, blue potions heal 100 mp son
Aug 29 2009
I am curious why people never use ginseng roots as much as i do =P.
I use them because I dont need two diff pots and this way I rarely use MP pots and if I do i am using mana elixers which are generally drops lol.
Aug 29 2009
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