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KMS registration guide? + community

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Someone told me there is a community like Adventures in JMS was :o Hehe i loved being part of ADventures in jms
IF so I wanna join KMS! Can someone give me a registration guide and also the name of the community plz?
Posted: September 2009 Permalink


Ellinforest is the community your looking for. And the registration guide is on the website but isn't viewable right away for new members, you must contribute to the community. Im not allowed to post links so just add a www and a com on Ellinforest lol.
Oct 04 2009
Go to Nautilus All you need to do is register and you can view the guide =) Dont go to ellinforest because ''You must contribute to the community blah blah blah''. But for community go to ellinforest
Nov 30 2009
Definitely Nautilus Port. Ellinforest is chock-full of flaming trolls and you have to "contribute to the community" which is so gay imo. Just like Starz said. Of course, Nautilus Port is a bit slow...
Dec 29 2009

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