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Stats and where to get the medals

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*This thread lists the stats, levels, and names of all the medals. It also includes the locations to achieve these medals.

  • These medals came out at v78 in Global Maplestory. You can achieve a total of 12 medals. The last and best medal you can get is the [s=/forum/1258149/#Maple]Maple Explorer Medal[/s]

  • How can you get these medals? It's simple. Go to the required map and in the middle of your screen, a message should say, "Trying for the Title. #/# regions explored."
[url=]Here's a picture[/url]
After going to ALL of the maps, go visit Dalair in any major towns like Henesys.

  • Also if you wish to see the medals you have achieved press the ";" button on your keyboard.
[url=]Here's another picture[/url]

  • [url=]Medals that are needed to get the Maple Explorer Medal[/url]

[header=Top]Table of Contents
-Explorer Medals
--[s=/forum/1258149/#Beginner]Beginner Explorer Medal[/s]
--[s=/forum/1258149/#Sleepywood]Sleepywood Explorer Medal[/s]
--[s=/forum/1258149/#Victoria]Victoria Explorer Medal[/s]
--[s=/forum/1258149/#Sky]The One Who's Touched the Sky Explorer Medal[/s]
--[s=/forum/1258149/#Mountains]El Nath Mts. Explorer Explorer Medal[/s]
--[s=/forum/1258149/#Sea]Undersea Explorer Medal[/s]
--[s=/forum/1258149/#Lake]Ludus Lake Explorer Medal[/s]
--[s=/forum/1258149/#Garden]Mu Lung Garden Explorer Medal[/s]
--[s=/forum/1258149/#Desert]Nihal Desert Explorer Medal[/s]
--[s=/forum/1258149/#Forest]Minar Forest Explorer Medal[/s]
--[s=/forum/1258149/#Ossyria]Ossyria Explorer Medal[/s]
--[s=/forum/1258149/#Maple]Maple Explorer Medal[/s]
-Links to help you.
--[s=/forum/1258149/#Links]Links to help you find the maps.[/s]

[header=Beginner]Beginner Explorer Medal (Level 15): +60 HP;+60 MP
  1. Lith Harbor
  2. Florina Beach
  3. Pig Beach
  4. Forest West of Henesys
  5. Henesys
  6. The Resting Spot, Pig Park
  7. Kerning City Middle Forest III
  8. Caution Falling Down
  9. Kerning City
  10. Sunset Sky
  11. West Rocky Mountain IV
  12. Perion
  13. East Rocky Mountain VII
  14. Excavation Site
  15. The Forest North of Ellinia
  16. Top of the Tree That Grew
  17. Ellinia
  18. The Forest of Wisdom
  19. The Forest South of Ellinia
  20. The Hill East of Henesys

[header=Sleepywood]Sleepywood Explorer Medal (Level 50): +120 HP;+120 MP
  1. Sleepywood
  2. Sleepy Dungeon V
  3. Ant Tunnel Park
  4. Drake Hunting Ground
  5. Another Entrance
  6. Drake's Meal Table
  7. Wild Cargo's Area
  8. Drake's Nest
  9. Sanctuary Entrance I
  10. The Cursed Sanctuary
How can I get to The Cursed Sanctuary? There used to be a rope, but now it's gone!
[url=]Go to The Tunnel That Lost Light II. Press up on the place where she is standing. It should lead you to "Another Entrance". Continue forward into The Cursed Sanctuary. Picture submitted by innocentx0. [/url]

[header=Victoria]Victoria Explorer Medal (Level 50): +125 HP;+125 MP
  1. Beginner Explorer Medal
  2. Sleepywood Explorer Medal

[header=Sky]The One Who's Touched the Sky Medal (Level 20): +5 Speed;+5 Jump
  1. Kerning City - Left most part of the left crane
  2. Perion - Above Dances with Balrog's place
  3. Top of the Tree That Grew - Jump around when you get in
  4. Nautilus Harbor - Above the pelican
  5. Entrance to Orbis Tower - Above Minerva's head

[header=Mountains]El Nath Mts. Explorer Medal (Level 50): +120 HP;+120 MP
  1. Orbis
  2. The Road to Garden of 3 Colors
  3. Stairway to the Sky II
  4. Cloud Park VI
  5. Entrance to Orbis Tower
  6. El Nath
  7. Cold Field I
  8. Sharp Cliff I
  9. Forest of Dead Trees II
  10. Dead Mine IV

[header=Sea]Undersea Explorer Medal (Level 40): +110 HP;+110 MP
  1. Red Coral Forest
  2. Snowy Whale's Island
  3. Forked Road : West Sea
  4. Aquarium
  5. Deep Sea Gorge I
  6. The Grave of a Wrecked Ship
  7. Dangerous Sea Gorge I
  8. Forked Road : East Sea
  9. Two Palm Trees
  10. Mushroom Coral Hill

[header=Lake]Ludus Lake Explorer Medal (Level 40): +110 HP;+110 MP
  1. Korean Folk Town
  2. Top of Black Mountain
  3. Helios Tower
  4. Ludibrium
  5. Toy Factory
  6. Crossroad of Time
  7. Hidden Tower
  8. Omega Sector
  9. Boswell Field VI
  10. Kulan Field V

[header=Garden]Mu Lung Garden Explorer Medal (Level 50): +120 HP;+120 MP
  1. Mu Lung
  2. Practice Field : Advanced Level
  3. Snake Area
  4. Territory of Wandering Bear
  5. Peach Farm 1
  6. Goblin Forest 2
  7. Isolated Swamp
  8. Red-Nose Pirate Den 2
  9. 100-Year-Old Herb Garden
  10. Herb Town

[header=Desert]Nihal Desert Explorer Medal (Level 70): +150 HP;+150 MP
  1. Ariant
  2. White Rock Desert
  3. Tent of the Entertainers
  4. The Desert of Red Sand
  5. Sahel 1
  6. Magatia
  7. Lab - 2nd Floor Hallway
  8. Lab - Center Gate
  9. Authorized Personnel Only
  10. Lab - Secret Basement Path

[header=Forest]Minar Forest Explorer Medal (Level 70): +150 HP;+150 MP
  1. Leafre
  2. Entrance to Sky Nest
  3. Cranky Forest
  4. Griffey Forest
  5. Manon's Forest
  6. Entrance to Dragon Forest
  7. Wyvern Canyon
  8. Dangerous Dragon Nest
  9. The Dragon Nest Left Behind
  10. Cave Entrance
[s=]How to get to Cave of Life Entrance[/s]
[url=]You have to be at least level 80 to do this quest though. It IS repeatable.[/url]

[header=Ossyria]Ossyria Explorer Medal (Level 70):+1 STR;+1 DEX;+1 INT;+1 LUK;+150 HP;+150 MP
  1. El Nath Mts. Explorer Medal
  2. Undersea Explorer Medal
  3. Ludus Lake Explorer Medal
  4. Mu Lung Explorer Medal
  5. Nihal Desert Explorer Medal
  6. Minar Forest Explorer Medal

[header=Maple]Maple Explorer Medal (Level 70):+1 STR;+1 DEX;+1 INT;+1 LUK;+180 HP;+180 MP
  1. Victoria Explorer Medal
  2. Ossyria Explorer Medal

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[header=Credits]Credits (Most of the credits belong to Neothisis of Hidden Street)
  • Me (RiceNib)
  • [url=]BasilMarket Commands (Guide)[/url]
  • [url=]Hidden Street Medal Info[/url]
  • And of course, You.

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Thank God for this
Thanks Man Saves me time for asking people
Oct 25 2009
Heh no problem
Oct 25 2009
Heyy, wheres caution falling down?

EDIT: and how do u get the the scanctuary? i cant find an entrance.[/quote]


And do you mean the Balrog Sanctuary in Sleepywood?
Oct 25 2009

And do you mean the Balrog Sanctuary in Sleepywood?[/quote]

yea, i cant find the entrance
Oct 26 2009
First go to [url=]Sanctuary Entrance IV[/url]

It should have one portal that will lead you to [url=]Cursed Sanctuary[/url]
Oct 26 2009
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