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Dual Blader Skills Info Details

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Feb 23 10
I don't know if this has already been posted, if it has my bad =]. But here is the skill descriptions for Dual Blader.


1st job extension (20-29)
Dual Blade Mastery
[Maximum Level: 20] Increases the mastery and accuracy when using dagger blade skills. This only applies if equipped with a dual blade.
[Lv 20]60% Mastery, +20 ACC

Triple Stab
[Maximum Level: 10]Attack multiple enemy three times in rapid succession.
[Pre-requisite: Level 10 Double Stab]
[Lv 10]MP -18, 200% damage, Attack 3 Enemies, Attacks 3 Times, 88% range

Twin Blade Booster
[Maximum Level: 20]Use MP and HP for a short time to increase the speed of the dagger. This skill can only be used if a dagger and dual blade is in hand.
[Pre-requisite: Level 5 Dual Blade Mastery]
[Lv 1]HP -29, MP -29, last for 10 Seconds, -2 Speed
[Lv 20]HP -10, MP -10, last for 200 Seconds, -2 Speed

2nd job (30-54)
[Maximum Level: 20]Recover a certain amount of HP and MP.
[Lv 20]Every 5 seconds, +100 HP, +40 MP

[Maximum Level: 20]Boost your own speed, then boost the jump of those around you. (Locky's Note : how funny boost your own speed and let ur party member jump wild good thing that it adds +23 jump)
[Lv 20]MP -30, last for 200 Seconds, +40 speed, +23 jump to party members, 300% range

Fatal Blow
[Maximum Level: 20]Use MP to attack one enemy up to 8 times.
[Lv 20]MP -30, 180% damage, Attacks 8 Times, 142% range

Slash Storm
[Maximum Level: 20]Use MP to attack multiple enemies multiple times.
[Mastery Level: 5]
[Lv 20]MP -24, 160% damage, Attacks 6 enemies, Attacks 2 Times, 205% range

2nd job extension (55-69)
Tornado Spin
[Maximum Level: 20]Strike many of your enemies quickly with a strong spin attack. To Invoke: &8594; &8594; or &8592; &8592; and press the attack button.
[Mastery Level: 5]

Tornado Spin (Attack]
[Maximum Level: 20]Strike many of your enemies quickly with a strong spin attack. To Invoke: &8594; &8594; or &8592; &8592; and press the attack button.
[Lv 20]MP -30, 250% damage, Attacks 8 enemies, 280% range

Flash Bang
[Maximum Level: 20]Toss a few flash bangs on the ground to decrease a number of your enemies' accuracy for a duration.
[Lv 20]MP -100, 50% damage, Attacks 15 enemies, 220% range, 70% Probability to Decrease accuracy by 85 for 20 Seconds. Cooldown : 60 Seconds.

Flash Jump
[Maximum Level: 20]Jump into the air and use this skill for an extra boost in the direction you face.

3rd job (70 - 119)
Advanced Dark Sight
[Maximum Level: 20]Attack while in Dark Sight. With a certain probability, remain in dark sight after attacking.
[Pre-requisite: Level 20 Dark Sight]
[Lv 20]49% Probability

Bloody Storm
[Maximum Level: 10]A more advanced version of Slash Storm. Attack even more enemies quicker than before.
[Pre-requisite: Level 20 Slash Storm]
[Lv 10]MP -42, 280% damage, Attacks 8 enemies, Attacks 2 Times, 300% range

Mirror Image
[Maximum Level: 30]Focus for a period of time to summon your alternate self. Your alternate self will attack with you. (Locky's Note : this is like shadow partner; a Dagger user using hermit's power?)
[Mastery Level: 10]
[Lv 30]MP -200, 180 Seconds, Mirrors 50% Damage

Owl Dead
[Maximum Level: 20]If your owl attacks and kills the enemy, your next few attacks will be increased by 1.5 times.
[Lv 20]MP -80, Attacks 1 enemies, 390% damage, 40% Probability to 1 hit K.O, next 9 attacks will be increased by 1.5 times, 300% range. Cooldown : 60 Seconds

Upper Stab
[Maximum Level: 20]Pop your enemies into the air. While your enemies are in the air, they receive more damage. (Locky's Note : Nexon running out of ideas?)
[Lv 20]MP -40, 245% launching damage, +70% Damage while enemy in air, Attacks 6 enemies, 176% range

Flying Assaulter
[Maximum Level: 20]Attack in a downward, diagonal spiral to strike your enemies from above.
[Pre-requisite: Level 20 Self-Haste]
[Mastery Level: 5]
[Lv 20]MP -36, 400% launching damage, Attacks 8 enemies, Attacks 2 Times, 7% Chance to Stun for 6 Seconds, 320% range

4th job (120+)
[Maximum Level: 30]Smear your blades with venom. Stacks up to three times. This cannot make the enemy's HP fall below 1.
[Lv 10]Last for 4 Seconds, 40 Basic Attack, 38% Probability
[Lv 30]Last for 8 Seconds, 60 Basic Attack, 50% Probability

Final Cut
[Maximum Level: 30]Charge up your power to launch a huge attack on your foes. (Fiel's Note: In the data, this skill largely resembles Pierce.)
[Lv 10]MP -200, 1100% damage, Attacks 8 enemies, 45% Maximum Strength, 35 Seconds, 250% range
[Lv 30]MP -300, 1500% damage, Attacks 8 enemies, 65% Maximum Strength, 60 Seconds, 350% range

Monster Bomb
[Maximum Level: 30]Throw a sticky bomb which attaches to one of your enemies. After a short duration, it explodes causing damage to all mobs surrounding the bomb. (Locky's Note : Bat Rider's skill!)
[Lv 10]MP -130, 550% damage, Attacks 15 enemies, 3 Seconds, 220% range. Cooldown : 55 Seconds
[Lv 30]MP -230, 990% damage, Attacks 15 enemies, 3 Seconds, 220% range. Cooldown : 30 Seconds

Sudden Raid
[Maximum Level: 30]Attack all monsters on the screen for huge amounts of damage
[Lv 10]MP -440, Attacks 15 enemies, 350% damage, 400% range
[Lv 30]MP -470, Attacks 15 enemies, 600% damage, 400% range

Chains of Hell
[Maximum Level: 30]While in Dark Sight, fling a chain in front of you to attach it to a monster. Pull it close to you, then attack your opponent 12 times. (Locky's Note : this is like Viper's Snatch)
[Lv 10]MP -55, Attacks 1 enemies, 145% damage, 350 Range, Attacks 12 Times, 140% range
[Lv 30]MP -75, Attacks 1 enemies, 250% damage ,450 Range, Attacks 12 Times, 140% range

Stack Effect
[Maximum Level: 30]Alilatias Translation : your Mirror Image stops attacking and will instead take some damage in your place.
[Pre-requisite: Level 30 Mirror Image]
[Lv 10]MP -150, 30 Seconds
[Lv 30]MP -250, 90 Seconds

[Maximum Level: 30]Google translation : Critical rate odds with schedule allows. However, party members against those effects is higher if you have a critical damage coverage is limited.
[Lv 10]MP -300, last for 60 Seconds, Critical Rate 10%, Critical Damage 130%, 250% range
[Lv 30]MP -400, last for 120 Seconds, Critical Rate 35%, Critical Damage 250%, 250% range

and the usual maple hero n hero's will skill
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