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Tip: How to start MapleStory without weblaunch or choice

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Mar 31 10
Are you one of those people that likes to just click your MapleStory shortcut and run the game? You don't want to visit Nexon's website every-time you start Maple? You can make it happen!

What are the changes Nexon has made this patch to the start-up mechanism(v0.84):

  • MapleStory.exe's default action is to load the MapleStory website in your default browser (wait for it to load....wait....wait a little longer, enter credentials, blablabla)
  • GameLauncher.exe has been added to your installation directory.

GameLauncher.exe gives you a choice to "Go to the website" (which we don't want) or to "Start Game" (pretty much what we want). If you can live with this extra option screen, redirect you MapleStory shortcuts to GameLauncher.exe.

BUT, if you don't like the extra click (like me). Then do the following:

  1. Find your MapleStory shortcut (on your desktop or in the start menu, or both)
  1. Right click
  1. Properties
  1. Locate the "Target" field (probably containing: "C:NexonMapleStoryMapleStory.exe"
  1. Add "GameLaunching" as parameter. (In the target textfield. Add a space after MapleStory.exe and type GameLaunching)
So for the most common installation directory it will look like this: "C:NexonMapleStoryMapleStory.exe" GameLaunching
But of course the path to MapleStory.exe can be different on your system. See example:
  1. Click apply/ok
  1. Done, enjoy starting Maple the old fashioned way, without extra clicks!

  • If your shortcut only has a "URL" field and no "target" field, you need to recreate a normal program shortcut to MapleStory.exe first. Then follow the steps I mentioned. I assume everyone know how to make a shortcut. If you don't, google is your friend (or ask a real friend xD). You might want to make the shortcut read-only too, to prevent it from being changed back upon the next patch.
  • If there are spaces in your path to MapleStory, make sure to use quotes properly.

You're welcome ^_^. Happy Mapling,


p.s. Feel free to post this on other sites. (as long as you don't claim it as your own discovery and if you would be so kind to mention my name, then its ok
p.s.s. Special credits go to Tatterdragon for giving me a screenshot of a English windows version instead of my Dutch one and for pointing out that the MapleStory desktop shortcut is occasionally changed to a url shortcut.
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