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Whats the best mobbing class?

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I want to know the best mobbing class that is strong, and lightweight funded!
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Blaze wizard they are incredible at mobbing.[/quote]

Off topic: how are you a lvl 32 hunter with a lampion?
Jun 07 2010
you are all wrong the best mobbing class is NL
Jun 07 2010
i tink arans also use the least pots?
Jun 07 2010
Aran - and at first I hated them with a passion.
They are still the all-time supreme mob class with low needs for funding.

With a large sum of quests for items/skills they are pretty cheap to maintain
They have a HP Drain and a pretty low cost on MP skills - making them cheap for training if thinks can't kill you quickly
But the biggest reason I love them is for the amount of mobs they can hit with their attacks

12~ mobs per attack and mobility to match and/or to exceed one with good jump timing makes them legendary
(I see what Nexon did there)

But they can be repetitive if you dislike pressing x
Either-or you could argue a high level magician is the same.
Jun 07 2010
Morty165 Level 143 Scania Aran 4
Aran for the win they pwn it up
Jun 07 2010
Aran, it's pretty clear at this point.
Jun 07 2010
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