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Guide - Crashed Spaceship PQ

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DarkQuill Level 200 Bera Shadower
~Crashed Spaceship PQ~

A quick runthrough of how to do the Crashed Spaceship PQ.
There's no "definitive" guide for the PQ, because each time you enter, the room order is randomized. There are a number of set pattners, but there's a LOT. So rather than a step-by-step guide, I'll be handing you a room-by-room guide, indicated by the map name in the top left corner. Simple.

There are three versions of the PQ.
The easiest one is 30+. You can enter this version as many times as you want. A party is not required.
The medium difficulty one is 60+. You can enter this version three times a day. Requires a party of 2+.
The last and hardest version is 120+. You can only enter this version once per day, make it count! Requires a party of 2+.

However, it is [i]highly recommended[/i] that the minimum level for participants be 20 levels above the required level, and at LEAST level 170 or so for the 120+ PQ. 20 levels should be enough for more appropriate equips and skill levels (and accuracy for Warriors), whereas the 120+ PQ is apparently ridiculously difficult. Proceed with caution.

This will be updated as nessecary.

  • Changing Dimensions in the Dimension Cube may crash the game on Win7/Vista in parties. Restart Maplestory before you enter to be on the safe side, if this has happened to you before.
  • You do not need to wear any part(s) of the bing Machine Alpha or Visitors suits to enter the level 30+ PQ.
  • You MUST be wearing the Visitors Armor (not the Bing Suit) to enter the 60+ and 120+ PQs. Taking off all of the Visitors Armors results in an insta-death. Taking off any piece will result in you taking damage every second.
  • ** If it still isn't letting you in, you may need to remove certain NX equips.
  • Unlike the aliens around the rest of the Maple World, the aliens in this PQ do NOT deal/take a set amount of damage. Damage is taken/applied as normal.
  • Most rooms contain colored cubes, which warp you around the map to identical cubes of the same color. Use them to sweep the maps of enemies.
  • If you are killed during the PQ, you will be put into a "resurrection cube" room. Entering the portal in the middle will return you to the map you died in, the portal on your left will remove you from the PQ.
  • Getting killed does not lose you any experience. You can retry to your hearts content.
  • Some rooms you can fly in, some you can't. Flying costs you no mana.
  • Some rooms can be repeats of rooms you've already done. Clear them again anyway.
  • Some rooms may NOT appear. The rooms which you encounter are random.
  • A lot of rooms require you to defeat enemies in waves (they spawn at set interavals, regardless of whether or not previous enemies are defeated). The interval between waves is LONG, so you must be patient.

So without further ado;
~The Crashed Spaceship PQ Guide~

~Entry Cube~
This is the room you start in. Move to the blue portal on your right to proceed, or take the green portal on your left to exit the PQ.
You can fly in this room.

~Control Cube~
In this room, you need to stand on the top-most platform to unlock the portals. Pretty simple. Use the Green Cube on the floor to move up a floor, then use the Blue Cube to move across the room. Use the Purple Cube next to it to move up a floor, and finally use the Black Cube next to that to be warped up the top. Once up the top, you need only jump when the electrical orbs swing by. Eventually, the timer up the top will disappear, or change from the room timer (4 minutes or so) to the PQ timer (1hour xxmins) signaling that the portals are unlocked.
All people present in the map must be standing up top for the unlock timer to start.
Probably less complicated than I make it sound.

~Dimensional Cube~
In this room, there are two enemies, two dimensions, and a whole lot of trouble. Depending what dimension you are in, half the enemies will be transparent, the other half wholesome. Make sure your entire party is in the same dimension, and then attack the enemies that are not transparent. Upon death, these enemies will drop bombs, which one-hit-kill any player in that dimension. Take your time eliminating the enemies, and switch dimensions to dodge the explosions as nessecary.
Once all enemies are defeated, proceed to the next room.

~Prohibited Cube~
In this room, a [url=]Speedy Visitor[/url] (based on the Wind Archer) will appear. The room is also "slippery" like the snow in El Nath, so you'll fly a lot further when zooming around. Simply beat all the Speedy Visitors to unlock the next portal. Varying difficulties can summon more Speedy Visitors at once per wave. You must wait a long time between enemies.
You can fly in this room.

~Renewal Cube~
In this room, you'll have to fight [url=]Unjust Visitor[/url] enemies, which mimic the Blaze Wizard. these use attacks such as Flame Gear and a typical area-warning attack. These can also cast Dispel on you, indicated by a stone icon above their heads. They can also cast a damage-absorbing spell, which heals them when they take damage. It is indicated by them charging up blue energy slowly, and a small blue crest above their heads.
At set intervals, random enemies and more Unjust Visitors will eventually appear.
Eventually, the portals will open. Proceed to the next room.

~Proliferation Cube~
In this room, you'll have to fight [url=]Bully Visitor[/url] enemies, which mimic the Brawler/Thunder Breaker. These can cast a type of Super-Defense Reflection curse on themselves, which cause them to take 1 damage per attack, and cause damage to yourself (apparently Magic Attacks still work as normal, need verification). The damage dealt may vary with difficulty, but it is a set amount of damage and less lethal than regular Damage Reflect. This effect is indiacated by a large buring fire above their heads.
At set intervals, random enemies and more Bully Visitors will eventually appear.
Bully Visitors also create clones of themselves if not defeated quickly. Take them out as quickly as possible.
Eventually, the portals will open. Proceed to the next room.

~Production Cube~
In this room, defeat all the enemies that appear, using the Pink Cube at the bottom to move yourself up top and sweep the map several times.
Once they're all defeated, proceed to the next room.

~Energy Cube~
In this room, there are a bunch of random flying enemies you must defeat before the light at the bottom of the map goes out. Beat all the enemies to unlock the portals, and choose another portal to go through.
If the light goes out before you can defeat the enemies, the energy ball will fly around the room and attack you. Use REGULAR ATTACKS to damage it, then lure it down to the container at the bottom of the map. Defeat it there and make sure the drop lands in the vicinity of the container. It will reset the timer, and you will be able to defeat the rest of the enemies from earlier.
You can fly in this room.

~Choice Cube~
In this room, there are three [url=]large alien statues[/url] in the center of the room. Use a REGULAR ATTACK to "activate" one of the statues.
What each statue does is random; one of them will immediatly unlock the portals, the others will spawn a varying amount of alien enemies.
Beat all the enemies or get lucky by choosing the correct statue to advance to the next area.

~Neutral Cube~
This is a pre-boss room. The pink portal ahead will take you to a boss chamber. Gather your party before fighting a boss. There are three slightly different versions;
The one leading up takes you to the Destroyer Hero.
The one leading down takes you to the Commander Hero.
The one leading right takes you to the Ultimate Visitor boss.
You can fly in this room.

~Destroyer Cube~
This is a boss room. Stand on the Green Cube in the middle to summon the [url=]Destroyer Hero[/url] boss, which is based on the Aran. Destroyer Hero can summon bombs much like the ones in the Dimensional Cube, so you must beat the Destroyer Hero quickly before the bombs have a chance to explode.
Red bombs can be attacked and disarmed safely, while grey/black bombs will detonate if you attack them.
Destroyer Hero has an ability to become impervious to damage for a short amount of time. It is indicated by a suit of armor above its head.
You must defeat the Destroyer Hero to advance to the final boss area.
You must defeat the Destroyer hero to unlock the portal you entered from.
The Destroyer Hero may drop PQ Rewards upon defeat. (60+, 120+ only. If you've gotten a drop from the 30+ version, PM me about it)
You can fly in this room.

~Commander Cube~
This is a boss room. Stand near the middle of the room to summon the [url=]Commander Hero[/url] boss, which is based on the Evan. The Commander Hero is fairly easy to beat, but he can also summon bombs like the Destroyer Hero, albiet far less often.
You must defeat the Commander Hero to advance to the final boss area.
You must defeat the Commander hero to unlock the portal you entered from.
The Commander Hero may drop PQ Rewards upon defeat. (60+, 120+ only. If you've gotten a drop from the 30+ version, PM me about it)
You can fly in this room.

~Representative Cube~
This is a boss room. This is where the [url=]Ultimate Visitor[/url] boss spawns. Use the multi-colored cubes around the room to get into position to take down the final enemy. You can also fly in this room.
The boss has a few large-scale magic attacks, and a particularly violent curse.
The curse traps players and makes them unable to move or attack, and places a bomb on them. When someone is cursed, their character will turn a shade of blue, and a large yellow machine with blue chains comming out of it will surround the player. This curse can target multiple players. After a while, you will be free from the chains, but you will still have the 'bomb' on you; fly as far away as possible to dodge the impending explosion, or you will recieve over 20k worth of damage.
More info on this curse/attack is appreciated.
The Ultimate Visitor boss has a second form upon being defeated. This form only takes one damage, and deals one damage as well. He only floats around very slowly, so take him out too.
The Ultimate Visitor drops items upon death.
Use the portal in the center of the room to exit the PQ.

Note: There seems to be something different about dying in this boss room; if you die after the boss is dead (see curse/attack) and it has dropped an item, the item will be gone after going through the Resurrection Cube.


If you pay attention to the second form when it disappears, you'll notice it's Doctor Bing from the future in disguise. Shocking~


The Rewards

The Ultimate Visitor boss drops weapons and items upon death. The Destroyer and Commander Hero mini-bosses can also drop these items (excluding chairs).
All the items ARE statless. All equips are tradable.

~The level 30+ PQ rewards the 47 versions of the items, as well as chairs.
~The 60+ PQ rewards the 47, 67, 87 and 107 versions of the items. That is, the rings, belts, necklaces, earrings, shields, and weapons. Also chairs. (Whether or not they also reward the 127 items and 145 pendant are unknown currently)
~The level 120+ PQ rewards players with only the level 127 items. (and the 145 pendant)

All of the level 127 items MAY BE similar to Reverse/Timeless items; once they are equipped, they cannot be traded. Using an Owl of Minerva in GMS shows they do not have any special text tags like Timeless/Reverse items do, unlike the TMS versions.
Each version of the boss also has a chance of dropping the Visitor Representative Machine chair.
The level 30+ boss does have a chance to drop nothing.

Any more information on the 30+ Boss drops and the 120+ Boss drops is welcomed.
Any more information regarding the attacks/skills the Destroyer, Commander, and Ultimate bosses can use is also welcomed.

Questions? Ask me. Missing info? Inform me.

~Big thanks to @OldSnake for the info on the boss and rewards. Link
~Thanks to @Rhinestone for the info on the bug about sometimes needing to be NX-less to enter the 60+ and 120+ PQs.
~Thanks to @reverexx2 for the info on the Commander Hero summoning bombs.
~Credits to @Flamepc for info on what happens if you remove your Visitors Suit in the 60+ and 120+ PQs.
~Credits to @querty11 for info on bomb disarming. (Located in Destroyer Cube section)
~Shout out to TaoZhin of Bera for ATT RAB.
~Shout out to Marcus, Esther, Andy, Yoshi and Frank for the 120+ PQs. Looking forward to more
~Cheers to that one guy from that website named after a town on Maple Island (The one that isn't Amherst) for the image extractions.

  • Removed all the "you will be notified that the portals have opened" stuff, that almost never happens anymore.
  • Level 60+ Bosses do drop the level 107 items.
  • There's a good chance the level 120+ mini-bosses drop the 127+ items. If you cannot beat the Ultimate Visitor, try farming the Destroyer and Commander aliens.
  • 120+ PQ item droprate is just as low (if not lower) than the 60+ PQ.
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People actually play on Tespia?

Regardless, good job!
Aug 12 2010
please, PLEASE let the new weapons be a reward for finishing the pq X amount of times for certain lvl brackets or PLEASEEEEEEEE let the equips be a drop from the final boss i want my 113/115 att dagger and 68 att katara T.T!
Aug 12 2010
@metaghost3: i know this, and that makes it even better for me!. depending on how well these quest play out i may be able to do this pq 3-5 times a day! -on multiple accounts-
Aug 12 2010
*There are three versions of the PQ. **One** is 30+, another is 80+, the last is 120+. [/quote]

Ine -> One
Aug 12 2010
Jesseh Level 201 Windia Zero Transcendent
Have we ever had a repeating event area? I don't think so...[/quote]

maple anniversary event?
Aug 12 2010
TidalSurge Level 103 Chaos Outlaw
Ola ola?
Aug 12 2010
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