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Fame Quests? Other ways to raise your fame?

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Hey all,
I need 100 fame to equip a Power/magical ring.
I've got 81 fame right now.
And I heard that there was a quest where you can easily get 20 fame from as a reward.
Anyone got an idea wich quest this is or other quests that gives much fame?
Thanks in advance =D
Posted: September


I heard something about some Wolf Spider quest, not really sure.
Do the boss killing quests.
MrMozillaFrost3dFlame - Level 178 Evan 10th Growth
Sep 06 2010
What the person above me.
Sep 06 2010
I just finished a quest that requires you to kill Snowman in El Nath that gave me 20 fame. Its a lvl 90 quest and you initiate it by speaking to Jade in the main town.
Sep 06 2010
With the wolf spider quest you can get 2 or 3 fame, not sure 100% anymore every 3 days. Then theres also a quest in Ludi, where you have to kill 20 Vikings and hunt for an etc item. That takes maybe 5minutes and gives you another 2 or 3 fame. It's repeatable after 24 hours.
Sep 06 2010
To get defamed you just open an omok room with a password saying: "Asians are gey, fame me". Can't believe this actually worked for some noob -.-
xLikeNoOtheriSinJames - Level 161 Night Lord
Sep 06 2010
Boss quests give fame. That's where most of mine comes from. The NLC quiz gives fame.

Pretty sure Shumi quests give fame.

I'm sure there are probably a lot more that I'm forgetting. Honestly, probably be easier to just sit in FM and spam B>Fame for 50-100k or something.
Reivax88KangaReivax - Level 107 Chief Bandit
Sep 06 2010
Make a friend and ask him to fame you with all of his kradia characters. Maybe return the favor as well?
Sep 06 2010

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