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Fame Quests? Other ways to raise your fame?

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Hey all,
I need 100 fame to equip a Power/magical ring.
I've got 81 fame right now.
And I heard that there was a quest where you can easily get 20 fame from as a reward.
Anyone got an idea wich quest this is or other quests that gives much fame?
Thanks in advance =D
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MrMozilla Level 147 Broa Mercedes 4
I heard something about some Wolf Spider quest, not really sure.
Do the boss killing quests.
Sep 06 2010
What the person above me.
Sep 06 2010
I just finished a quest that requires you to kill Snowman in El Nath that gave me 20 fame. Its a lvl 90 quest and you initiate it by speaking to Jade in the main town.
Sep 06 2010
With the wolf spider quest you can get 2 or 3 fame, not sure 100% anymore every 3 days. Then theres also a quest in Ludi, where you have to kill 20 Vikings and hunt for an etc item. That takes maybe 5minutes and gives you another 2 or 3 fame. It's repeatable after 24 hours.
Sep 06 2010
xLikeNoOther Level 227 Bera Shadower
To get defamed you just open an omok room with a password saying: "Asians are gey, fame me". Can't believe this actually worked for some noob -.-
Sep 06 2010
Reivax88 Level 194 Scania Wild Hunter 4
Boss quests give fame. That's where most of mine comes from. The NLC quiz gives fame.

Pretty sure Shumi quests give fame.

I'm sure there are probably a lot more that I'm forgetting. Honestly, probably be easier to just sit in FM and spam B>Fame for 50-100k or something.
Sep 06 2010
Make a friend and ask him to fame you with all of his kradia characters. Maybe return the favor as well?
Sep 06 2010

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