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Sep 13 10
Considering all the pink bean runs recently, I guess it would make sense to start seeing these pop up all over the Free Market.

Let's face it, most of these runs were probably hacked.
MapleStory Video: KMS Legend Trailer HD
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Sep 13 10
Broa Mercedes 3
what do they do?
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Sep 13 10
Bera Night Lord
Such cheap Pink Scrolls
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Sep 13 10
Yellonde Shadower
lets hope so. and yeah most are hacked runs
Sep 13 10
Rock of Time is used to make Timeless equips.
MapleStory Video: KMS Legend Trailer HD
Sep 13 10
It must be a dupe because who's stupid enough to put it up for 1 meso?
MapleStory Video: KMS Legend Trailer HD
Sep 13 10
Windia Aran 2


And now watch people claim it's legit.
Sep 13 10
Windia Bow Master
o_o how many times has pb been beat now?

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