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Ginger ale vs mana bull

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Sep 19 10
Windia Aran 3
Which pot should I use once I hit 5k mp?
Which pot saves more money?
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Sep 19 10
DemethosGMS Evan 8th Growth
i have 6k mp and i still use sorcs exliers idk depends how much money u have
Sep 19 10*
Broa Aran 3
Use Sorcerer Elixers until you have around 6k MP, Then start using Ginger Ales.
It'll be more cost effective.

...I dont know the names exactly... those might not be them.

Use the 1500 MP ones, Then switch to the 60% mp ones at 6k+ mp.
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Sep 19 10
Scania Hayato 4
Sorcs are better below 4700 MP; Bulls are better after.
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Sep 19 10
Broa Thunder Breaker 3
60% mp are called mana bulls.
Sep 19 10
Windia Aran 3
Guys, I'm talking about comparing ginger ale with mana bull.
Sep 19 10
Broa I/L Arch Mage
Start using mana bulls.
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