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Strong Will, Carta's Sin + Tristans Sucessor Quests-

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Sep 21 10
Galicia Aran 4
I've noticed these "job" quests in my available book, the two that stood out was Strong Will, Carta's Sin and Tristans Sucessor.
I heard you do a huge quest chain for Carta's involving dimensions and a mini-pianus, at the end you get some glove potion that rewards a skill called Hero's Will or something. Could I get more information on this? Is it like echo of hero, but for 4th job? How long does this quest take + what items would I need along the way?
Same question goes for Tristans Sucessor, but I heard you supposed to kill a barlog 200 times or something, can someone give me more information?
OT: Also post some quests that have these cool rewards like skills, map shortcuts, special items (like manji's old gladius, pig illustrated/headband, gorden's magic iron .etc)
Also is there a way to get some of the other ___ weakness skills? Stumps weakness, slime weakness .etc
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Sep 21 10
Galicia Aran 4
Tristan's sucessor you get a nice medal
Any other of these awesome quests that give unique items? I feel like going on a questing spreee
There's also the chain of KFT quests that give you one of the goblin items, and the quest in aqua road with the scientist that gives you a oxygen tank, are there more of these?
MapleStory Screen: 155 Aran range - 14832-16480
Sep 21 10
Bellocan Marksman
There's only Slime, Stump and Pig Weakness.
Hero's Will quest basically entails:
Kill Pianus or buy some Mini Pianus etc. items.
Talk to Carta to enter a seperate map, at the cost of 1 Mini Pianus.
Collect 40 Rocks of Whatever (You can also bring in people, 1 Mini Pianus for everyone to enter).
If you don't collect 40 this time around, don't worry, just grab another Mini Pianus and go again.
Talk to Carta once all rocks are gotten.
Talk to some NPCs and hunt some bracelet from Griffey. (Note: LOW drop rate)
Once you have the bracelet, take it and some items to I think is was a NPC in Nath/Aqua/Leafre and get Carta's Bracelet or something.
Take it to Carta.
Get skill.

Tristan's Successor is a medal quest I think? Go to Balrog PQ and kill the old fogey 200 times. Done.
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Sep 21 10
Windia Night Lord
Tristan's Successor is a Medal. I'm pretty sure it's +2/3 all stats.
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Sep 21 10
Galicia Aran 4
Oh thanks, so I'll go do hero's will
Are there any other quests that give like cool skills, special items, or grant access to special shops/teleports?
MapleStory Screen: 155 Aran range - 14832-16480

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