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Sep 26 10
Broa Ranger
Heey all
I was bored, so i went deep in to the dungeon. There i found a snail named ''Bob''. I was like...WTF? xD
So i killed it. After i killed it, it spawns 20 snails :o.
Why is this bob spawning 20 snails? And why does this funny monster live deeep in the dungeon? o.0
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Sep 26 10*
Windia Evan 8th Growth
-GASP- Never heard the legend of bob the snail? I remember people used to think if you killed bob the snail and used a scroll, it would work.
Sep 26 10
Broa Evan 2nd Growth
Its part of a quest line,A pretty old one at that.
Sep 26 10
Khaini Jett 3
a rare snail in dungeons
Sep 26 10
Broa Sniper
WAY back in the day, there was a random snail deep in the dungeon
The players dubbed the snail "bob"
Eventually nexon turned it into a real monster, and then made a bunch of quests involving him
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Sep 26 10
Broa Ranger
i love bob
Sep 26 10
Scania Evan 9th Growth
Isnt Bob the snail in song?
Sep 26 10
Bellocan Blade Specialist
its the maple history book quest chains after you come back from ludi and give jay the medal thing
Sep 26 10
Bera Brawler
That snail is the history of Maple, haha.
Sep 26 10
Mardia Hero
I saw it to while doing the snipe quest.
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