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How to get your PS3 Controller working on Maple Story

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Hey People,

I havnt see any topics on how to do this but Im going to give instructions on how to get your PS3 controller to work on your PC. Right now im using a windows 7 64bit, theres a quite a proccess to go threw to be able to do this so...

First off, Im gunna tell you what Button Maple says do what, they can be changed but this is default..

[i]Button # on PS3 Controller = Button Name = Customizable Default Keys[/i]
Button 1 = Triangle = Default; attack
Button 2 = Circle = Default; Jump
Button 3 = Cross(x) = Default; Pick up
Button 4 = Square = Default; Delete Key
Button 5 = L2 = Default; End Key
Button 6 = R2 = Default; Page Dwn Key
Button 7 = L1 = Default; Insert Key
Button 8 = R1 = Default; Home Key
Button 9 = Select = Default; Page Up Key
Button 10 = Start = Default; Shift Key
Button 11 = JoyStick Left Press = Default; Ctrl Key
Button 12 = JoyStick Right Press = No default

How to get the Controller to work!

Step 1; The first step to getting this controller to work on your computer is you must install Motioninjoy (Download Source)

32bits Windows xp,Windows vista,Windows 7:
64bits Windows vista,Windows 7:

This will give the controller a software to run off of..

Step 2; Once you have it installed you run the program and connect the controller VIA Usb Cord that came with the remote. When you run the program it should automatically sense it (should look like this Image), if it doesnt or your not sure... at the top of the window is a HOME key, click that and there will be a thing called "Connected Game Controller(s)" if it says theres no controllers and the loader to the right of it doesnt have red bars loading on it over and over its not working. If its not working continue to step 3.

Step 3; You must now restart your computer, when you computer is starting up Constantly click F8 and adventually Advanced Boot Options would appear, should be the black screen with the white text. Or wait till bios, right after the bios press F8. When this screen (it looks like this IMAGE) pops up, you have to go down and press enter on "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement". Then your computer should start up after pressing enter. Should work automatically, (like mine did)

Step 3.5; If your controller isnt working STILL, after doing the DISABLE DRIVER SIGNATURE ENFORCEMENT, you connect your controller to your computer and a USB IMPUT DEVICE speech bubble should appear, from the Start button, run the "Install USB driver" under the "MotioninJoy" folder for the right connection method you'll be using. Make sure to right click and "Run as administrator" or the driver will not install properly.

Step 4; Once your controller is working, start up Maple Story, the remote should work as soon as your ingame on your character, but go into your JoyPad Settings and itll say under your joypad name, either, PS3 Controller, or MotioninJoy.

STEP 5 (OPTIONAL); Feel free to customize your buttons, keep in mind that those button Numbers are equal too the button shapes and such on your remote. I think you can change it in the MotioninJoy window, but i dont really feel the need to do that.

If you have questions; post below if i dont answer fast enough, PM me. Im not sure if it all works the same way depending on Windows OS;s but if people willing to try could confirm for me? Im using windows 7. Ohyea on another note, that reboot thing where you disable enforced drivers thing. That should reset when you restart your computer. So no worries, you just need to do that i believe when you want to use the PS3 Controller for your computer. Im not sure if this same method works for your xbox 360 one, or other gamepads so... probably does.
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Oct 03 2010
velo110 Level 51 Scania Aran 2
anyone got one for xbox 360 controller? ;c[/quote]

pc's detect xbox controllers normally and you dont need any special drivers, maplestory has support for them now
Oct 03 2010
the disabling driver signature enforcement is one of the most important parts, just to let you guys know.
Oct 03 2010
all the pros ?


Their not pros, their just commentators. Thats like saying sportscasters are pros, since well about half of them, never actually went pro at all.

OT: You know you could do the same thing for PS3, using your keyboard and mouse instead of your PS3 controller. But you would need a special usb adapter though .
Oct 03 2010
hmmm i want to add that using the moving keys is kinda difficult at first but it doesnt take long to get used too[/quote]

Is this all possible with an xbox 360 controller?
Oct 03 2010
all the pros ?


they both play xbox
Oct 03 2010
fraapple Level 120 Windia Dawn Warrior 3
Is this a bannable offence?
Oct 03 2010
all the pros ?


Tebjz is originally an xbox player and plays xbox primarily, blade also has an xbox
Oct 03 2010
What do I do if for the step 3.5 I accidentally clicked the install driver thing before you put the step 3.5 thing.
Oct 03 2010
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