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Good stats for end game weapon? :O

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I'm just curious on the average stats for a King Cent and Timeless/Reverse Equinox as a final weapon for the game. (as in after being upgraded)
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After BB I have no idea.
But currently my weapon is a 108 att king cent. with 10 attack potential and 4% damage.
Oct 04 2010
How is it even possible to get the attack that high, and is that the average attack of what it should be after upgrades to be considered end-game?(currently)
Oct 04 2010
MastaSella Level 135 Windia Bishop
anyone know if a 81 atk 5 str clean white fang is a good end-game weapon? If so, how should i scroll (if i ever use it). I'm usually really poor, so yea...[/quote]

Scroll it and if it meets the criteria mentioned above, then it can be an end-game knuckle.
Oct 06 2010
MastaSella Level 135 Windia Bishop
i was wondering what i shud scroll it with. 50% are really expensive, and i usually have only 20mill or less. I feel that it would be a waste to use 60% scrolls on a great item like this. Also, 30/10% just never work. so, what would you suggest using? thanks [/quote]

If you can't use 50%'s, your best and pretty much only choice is to use 60%/30%'s. Try using at least one or two 30%'s, then finish it off with 60%'s.
Oct 07 2010

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