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Average Cubes Needed to Make Epic/Unique Item (List)

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ultimo Level 157 Khaini Luminous 4
I just wan to know the people of Basil, how many cubes did it take for your item to get from Rare-->Epic, and
I just want to know how many times/cubes does it take
This is for the Community of Basil to get a General Idea

Plz Make the list like This:
X=Number of Cubes (Switch X with the number of Cubes it needed for you to get the Epic/Unique Item)
Rare-->Epic = X

Thanks people
And this is only if this has ever happen to you:
Extra Question Have you ever had a Item Potential Instintly to a Epic or Unique ( no Cube)?
if no just say no
If yes Plz type down the Stats and the Item

Plz Write Down the Item you made Epic or Unique
Then the Stats of the Potential (and if you want to the Stats of the Item)
Like This:

Potential Stats-_
If one of them Do not apply just dont put it down

Thank You for adding to this List

List of Player's Potentials

Player: xShadowAurax
Item: Purple Giles Cape
Potential Stats: 3% All Stats, 3 % Luk
Rare/Epic/Unique: Epic

Player: HungryJacky
Item: Unknow
Potential Stats: Sharp Eyes
Cubes: 14
Rare/Epic/Unique: Unique

Player: kJamez
Item: Unknow
Potential Stats: Sharp Eyes
Cubes: Rare->Epic 3- Epic-> Unique 10
7 More Cubes for Sharp Eyes
Rare/Epic/Unique: Unique

Blue Neos Shoe
Rare -->epic = 2
Epic -->Unique = 8

Crushed skull
Rare -->epic = 8
Epic -->Epic = 43

Reverse Bergamot
Rare --> Epic= 2
Epic-->Epic= 45

Player: 22Lukiess22
Item: 3 lines Rose Earrings
Rare/Epic/Unique: Epic
Cubes: 20 (Still)
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blackie8 Level 158 Broa Phantom 4
There's like no average. Some can get it with 1 Cube, others will never get it to Unique. (A lil extreme)
It all depends on your luck
Oct 11 2010
I got an epic Purple Giles Cape, 3% all, 3% luk, with no cubes.

...I think that's what it was called.
Oct 11 2010
claw got epic on 1 cube
top got epic on 6 cubes
glove got epic on 7 cubes, unique on 11, se on 14
Oct 11 2010
Jamez Level 126 Scania Battle Mage 4
Rare --> Epic = 3 cubes
Epic --> Unique = 10ish cubes
Getting sharp eyes on the gloves after that took 7 cubes.
Oct 11 2010
cHiNcHiLLa Level 152 Bellocan Aran 4
My glaive:
Rare -> Epic = around 20
Epic -> Unique = around 100

Edit: Oh my friend got 30% boss damage from Rare in 24 cubes. -__- and he got it again in 6 more cubes so yeah.. it's all luck
Oct 11 2010
ultimo Level 157 Khaini Luminous 4
Hope this thread is Long I want to See All of Basils Potential Stats
Lucky or unlucky
Godly or Ok
How many basilers Have Unique Items With Awsome Potentials and Stats
Oct 11 2010
yungfizzle Level 18 Broa Aran 1
Got my level 100 bottom to epic in about 12 cubes.
Oct 11 2010
my 3lined Rose earring,
im at over 20 or more cube and still at Epic,
As Babu112 said,it all luk
Oct 11 2010
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