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Oct 25 10
Windia Hayato 4
Mushmom: 40-60min
Zombie Mushmom: 40-60min
Blue Mushmom: 24hrs
Jr. Balrog: 12hrs
Griffey: 3hrs
Manon: 3hrs
Bigfoot: 8-9hrs
Right Pianus: 24hrs
Left Pianus: 36hrs
Anego: 5-8hrs
Snowman: 15-20min
Headless: 10hrs
Dodo, Lilynouch, Lyka: 1-2hrs
Mano, Stumpy, Deo, Seruf, King Clang, Timer, Dyle, Zeno, Faust, Old Fox, Tae Roon, Eliza, Master Goblin, Kimera:

Please help complete this list so everybody can use it

Thankyou for the quick replies!
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New thread Replies
Oct 25 10
Bera Assassin
Mushmom and zMushmom are around 45mins.
Oct 25 10
Windia Shadower
blue mushmom...either 24 hours or 48...I think, don't quote me on that.
Oct 25 10
Galicia Corsair
Mushmom ~ 30-45 mins
Zombie Mushmom ~ 45-60 mins
Blue Mushmom ~ 24-48 hours (varies a lot apparently)
Bigfoot ~ 6-11 hours (?)
Griffey and Manon ~ 1-3 hours
Mano ~ 30 mins
King Clang ~ 45-60 mins
Tae Roon ~ 45-60 mins
Snowman ~ 30-45 mins
Eliza ~ 45-60 mins
Black Crow ~ 24 hours
Pianus ~ 24-36 hours
Headless Horseman ~ 6 hours
Jr. Balrog - 12 hours
Oct 25 10
Windia Mercedes 4
Mushmom: 40 minutes to an hour
Zombie Mushmom: 40 minutes to an hour
Blue Mushmom: 48 hours
Jr. Balrog: 5-6 hours
Griffey: 4-5 hours
Manon: 4-5 hours
Bigfoot: 14-24 hours
Right Pianus: 24 hours
Left Pianus: 36 hours
Anego: 5-8 hours
Manon, Stumpy, Deo, Seruf, King Clang, Timer, Dyle, Zeno, Faust, Old Fox, Tae Roon, Eliza, Master Goblin, Kimera : 45 minutes
Snowman: 15 minutes
Dodo, Lilynouch, Lyka: 1-2 hours.
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Oct 25 10
Bellocan Buccaneer
I can confirm that the spawn time on snowman is NOT ALWAYS 15 minutes.
It varies from 15-20 minutes.

I've also heard blue mushmom is 48 hrs
Zombie/mushmom i think are both 40 mins
Manon and griffey I think are 3 hrs
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Oct 25 10
Khaini Aran 4
I think bigfoot is wrong. It's like 8-9 hours.
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Oct 25 10
Scania Luminous 4
I do not believe blue mushmom is 48hours.

Though with little evidence, I can say that:
I've killed one on one day, and then the next day another one spawns.

As a blue mushmom hunter, I'd say it's 24hours now.
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Oct 25 10
Windia Buccaneer
Nice. Someone should also make a how to bf leech guide.
Oct 25 10
Mardia Night Walker 3

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