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Boss Spawn Times

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Akaizer Level 212 Windia Hayato 4
Mushmom: 40-60min
Zombie Mushmom: 40-60min
Blue Mushmom: 24hrs
Jr. Balrog: 12hrs
Griffey: 3hrs
Manon: 3hrs
Bigfoot: 8-9hrs
Right Pianus: 24hrs
Left Pianus: 36hrs
Anego: 5-8hrs
Snowman: 15-20min
Headless: 10hrs
Dodo, Lilynouch, Lyka: 1-2hrs
Mano, Stumpy, Deo, Seruf, King Clang, Timer, Dyle, Zeno, Faust, Old Fox, Tae Roon, Eliza, Master Goblin, Kimera:

Please help complete this list so everybody can use it

Thankyou for the quick replies!
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Mushmom and zMushmom are around 45mins.
Oct 25 2010
blue mushmom...either 24 hours or 48...I think, don't quote me on that.
Oct 25 2010
Mushmom ~ 30-45 mins
Zombie Mushmom ~ 45-60 mins
Blue Mushmom ~ 24-48 hours (varies a lot apparently)
Bigfoot ~ 6-11 hours (?)
Griffey and Manon ~ 1-3 hours
Mano ~ 30 mins
King Clang ~ 45-60 mins
Tae Roon ~ 45-60 mins
Snowman ~ 30-45 mins
Eliza ~ 45-60 mins
Black Crow ~ 24 hours
Pianus ~ 24-36 hours
Headless Horseman ~ 6 hours
Jr. Balrog - 12 hours
Oct 25 2010
Rapptz Level 200 Windia Mercedes 4
Mushmom: 40 minutes to an hour
Zombie Mushmom: 40 minutes to an hour
Blue Mushmom: 48 hours
Jr. Balrog: 5-6 hours
Griffey: 4-5 hours
Manon: 4-5 hours
Bigfoot: 14-24 hours
Right Pianus: 24 hours
Left Pianus: 36 hours
Anego: 5-8 hours
Manon, Stumpy, Deo, Seruf, King Clang, Timer, Dyle, Zeno, Faust, Old Fox, Tae Roon, Eliza, Master Goblin, Kimera : 45 minutes
Snowman: 15 minutes
Dodo, Lilynouch, Lyka: 1-2 hours.
Oct 25 2010
one23abc Level 190 Bellocan Buccaneer
I can confirm that the spawn time on snowman is NOT ALWAYS 15 minutes.
It varies from 15-20 minutes.

I've also heard blue mushmom is 48 hrs
Zombie/mushmom i think are both 40 mins
Manon and griffey I think are 3 hrs
Oct 25 2010
iHealerEx Level 201 Scania Luminous 4
I do not believe **blue mushmom is 48hours.**

Though with little evidence, I can say that:
I've killed one on one day, and then the next day another one spawns.

As a blue mushmom hunter, I'd say it's 24hours now.
Oct 25 2010
Nice. Someone should also make a how to bf leech guide.
Oct 25 2010

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