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"Maplestory has stopped working" bug on vista?

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Nov 05 10
Broa Battle Mage 4
So i looked around on google first, but it appears no one is having the same problem. My computer loads up maple, and i even start playing, but after a while (not even long enough to fly to ariant from orbis), it says "Maplestory has stopped working" and then a few seconds later, it says that i have to shut down. It does this every time. Does anyone know what i can do to fix this? thanks
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Nov 05 10
Scania Bishop
heidik3: I have the same problem, but I'm using windows 7 ultimate 64-bit. -__-;

Same as she said..

and I take it your name is Heidi Mine is too xD
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Nov 05 10
Broa Dark Knight
I get this too. Maplestory has stopped working pops up and then there's a button that says "Close program" and you have to click it and then MS just closes. Like wtffffff. x.x
Nov 05 10
Scania Dark Knight
takiorruki: wow like i have answer this about over 100 times now!
When you get on boat you cant not move if you move or touch anything you have a very very high chance of dcing.
So the best bet is when you get on boat go afk or mute.
*note: i also run on vista and had the same problem.

he's not talking about the boat thing thoooooo...
since last server check, this started hapening to me...
after like, let's say 10 minutes you logged on, whenever your char is, no matter what you're doing appears a message saying ms stopped working... happened to me 1st when xfering nx to my archer, then when i was sat in hene while i was on basil last night...
I have windows 7 btw.
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Nov 05 10
Ya it's really frustrating, it seems to happen 4-5 times then stops crashing for an hour or two and starts again >.>
Nov 05 10
Khaini Aran 4
Yeah after about an hour it starts crashing on a 30 minute basis. I try do the JQ for Lower Ascent but i keep crashing at the last part =_=
Nov 05 10
KradiaEMS Paladin
have the same problem here, but i have W7.
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Nov 05 10
Mardia I/L Mage
i get it alot, i d/ced before when i was trying to get to ariant on my aran
but i dont have to restart, i just start over from the game launcher
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Nov 05 10
Windia Phantom 4
Well mine warns me at least (7 x64 bit)
What happens is that randomly the color will get a bit dimmer after one flash. When that happens I have about 5 seconds to say my last words then it freezes. I can do anything after the flash in that 5 second time frame. So anytime I see a flash, i go "oh s***" then try to do w.e i was doing fast before it freezes.
Nov 05 10
Scania Marksman
I've been getting it on 7 :X
Sometimes I go into CS or do something randomly and it crashes ><
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Nov 05 10
Broa Corsair
If you've got vista the best thing you can do is be patient and wait for Big Bang to come as it has a compatibility fix with it. Believe me...I have tried every "vista fix" there is out there but nothing works.
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