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Nov 06 10
Broa Aran 4
i think i got a keylogger cuz some guy made a thread and then there was a site with nudity, i didnt know. here can u get keyloggers without downloading anything or a virus? some guy said there was a virus too
dont click it

btw whats winlogon.exe some guy said to end process if u have 2
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Nov 06 10
Bera Dark Knight
why would you link the site here if you think you got keylogged.. Do you hate us?
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Nov 06 10
Bera Dark Knight
Yeah, my AIM got keylogged too. I got some IM from princesstera402, turns out it's a bot and I accidentally clicked the link...
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Nov 06 10*
Bellocan Chief Bandit
ok just gonna click that link
WOOAAH u almost got me there
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Nov 06 10
Scania Buccaneer
As long as you didn't double click on the program you're fine.
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Nov 06 10
Broa Thunder Breaker 2
is that link above clean ?
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Nov 06 10
Scania Crusader
isnt a key logger only from downloading something?
Nov 06 10
Bera Cannoneer 4
nyczbrandon: isnt a key logger only from downloading something?

no, sometimes visiting a infected site can silent download a keylogger, trojans, and most likely rootkits.
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Nov 06 10
Broa Aran 4
dam that guy
Nov 06 10
Bellocan Hero
I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a keylogger. Just ran full system scans and got nothing.
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