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Keylogger help please

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i think i got a keylogger cuz some guy made a thread and then there was a site with nudity, i didnt know. here can u get keyloggers without downloading anything or a virus? some guy said there was a virus too
dont click it

btw whats winlogon.exe some guy said to end process if u have 2
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blazergame Level 180 Bera Dark Knight
why would you link the site here if you think you got keylogged.. Do you hate us?
Nov 06 2010
Yeah, my AIM got keylogged too. I got some IM from princesstera402, turns out it's a bot and I accidentally clicked the link...
Nov 06 2010
ok just gonna click that link
WOOAAH u almost got me there
Nov 06 2010
Spencerx Level 159 Scania Buccaneer
As long as you didn't double click on the program you're fine.
Nov 06 2010
osama667 Level 47 Broa Thunder Breaker 2
is that link above clean ?
Nov 06 2010
isnt a key logger only from downloading something?
Nov 06 2010
BreakerZ Level 147 Bera Cannoneer 4
isnt a key logger only from downloading something?[/quote]

no, sometimes visiting a infected site can silent download a keylogger, trojans, and most likely rootkits.
Nov 06 2010
Dpwarrior30 Level 170 Bellocan Hero
I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a keylogger. Just ran full system scans and got nothing.
Nov 06 2010
should I click it?
Nov 06 2010
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