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Help with Monster Erasers

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Hello to all Basilmarketers out there. I gachaponed like 35 tickets and got nothin good but i did get two monster erasers. unfortunatly i need like all 6 or sometin. i do have the hexagon necklace. does anyone have random ones i can buy or trade for? ill pay well for the small money i have. like4-5 mil each if i get more money. i got like23 mil so first to message me ill buy from them. i need the:
Hexagon Necklace 1/1
Stump Eraser 0/1
Mushmom Eraser 1/1
Lupin Eraser 0/1
Wraith Eraser 1/1
Slime Eraser 0/1
Octopus Eraser 0/1

please message me i really wanna finish this quest. If anyone has any tips on this quest please do tell.
Are there some erasers that do nothing?
Posted: November 2010 Permalink


which one lol
Nov 08 2010
^^ how do u tell the difference?
Nov 08 2010
fraapple Level 120 Windia Dawn Warrior 3
Sorry, slime erasers are well over 500m each.
Nov 08 2010
pink/blue seal cushion
Nov 08 2010
i have a fire raccoon eraser
Nov 08 2010
You'll know the eraser is real if it says "Try to collect them all!" or something like that at the end. Fire racc erasers are useless. With the 6 erasers and hexagon necky/undine's cloth you can make either the pink/blue seal cushion or flaming katana. Slime eraser is around 200-300m (for bera), stump/mushmom/octopus you should be able to get for less than 10m a piece, lupin/wraith vary, up to 50/60m the most.
Nov 08 2010
x4dminx Level 215 Windia Phantom 4
The chair or the wep? lol I've seen a blue chusion as a wep before so idk.
Nov 08 2010
i got mushmom for 7 so thats pretty on the nose. is anyone selling the slime one lol? i dont have 200 mil anyway but is anyone? xD if someone is selling any of the ones i said up top plz message me
Nov 08 2010

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