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Pink Scroll and Chaos Scrolls

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How do people get Pink Scrolls and Chaos Scrolls?
Why are they so cheap?
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exploits is why.

chaos scroll: a long time ago there was an event called "perfect pitch" which i wont explain anything about other than the fact you could have gotten chaos scrolls out of it. hackers found a bug and duped the hell out of it.

pink scroll (AKA WP ATT for 2h weapon 50%): a not so long time ago there was a different event, which i think even until today im not allowed to say how people (not hackers, anyone, including me, i got 7) got the pink scrolls. people found an exploit, a glitch, and abused it.

without any exploits, chaos scrolls drop VERY RARELY from zombie mushrooms, drum bunnies, cold eyes and other monsters, and pink scrolls are impossible to get from anyone other than a player. no monster drops it.
Nov 19 2010
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Only way getting pink scrolls for now is buying from others. Chaos u get from many mobs and gatcha. Pink scrolls aint so cheap anymore. And chaos just keep dropping.
Nov 19 2010
exploits is why.[/quote]

Wrong. It was an event for the pink scrolls and chaos scroll just drop more because of the increased drop rate.
Nov 19 2010
Wrong. It was an event for the pink scrolls and chaos scroll just drop more because of the increased drop rate.[/quote]

read the edit i added.
Nov 19 2010
read the edit i added.[/quote]

Ok some people say it was a exploit and some say it was a event. (pink scrolls)

The chaos thing was along time ago. I think he talking about why chaos is so cheap right now.

Increased drop rate is the answer.
Nov 19 2010
Wow I chose the wrong time to take a break.
Nov 19 2010
chaos got cheaper because of the past halloween event and everyone was at sleepywood dungeon farming coins, which also led to more chaos into the market. i think chaos is going back up now tho
Nov 19 2010
YUCKitsAndy Level 200 Khaini Bow Master
Chaos scroll dropped right when potential scrolls came out, it has nothing to do with halloween event... When potential scrolls came out chaos scrolls weren't as usefull, they were used to scroll PACs but now people want higher level capes for better potential stats, I THINK lol
Nov 19 2010
the "chaos" scroll from the halloween event only worked on witch hat and broom and they work 100% of the time
Nov 19 2010
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