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Warrior > Fighter > Sader > Hero Skill Build (Post Bigbang)

MapleStory Forums : Hero : Talk about the Fighter, Crusader and Hero classes

Nov 25 10
Chaos Chief Bandit
All Points as distributed in order as listed
Subject to change upon personal preference
Corrections are welcome

The Choice, one-handed with shield or two-handed
1H or 2H the hardest question to answer as a warrior?I say otherwise. Some people choose over preference, some over damage. For those who choose for your preference just follow what suits your playing style and what you like. As for those who like damage and are willing to work hard for it. One handed is the way to go. One handed swords can easily compensate for the damage lost by using a decent attack shield that has a % attack or % stat bonus. For example. You could buy a 8% All Stat or + Strength stat shield that is clean and has full slots. And your damage will be just as good as a two handed weapon.

Ability Point Distribution
Coming soon.

1st Job : Warrior (Level 10~30)(61 Skill Points)
20 Slash Blast (MAX)
20 Power Strike (MAX)
10 Improved Max HP (MAX)
11 Iron Body (11)
Slash Blast to allow you to mob at the earlier levels in Hpq so your more useful or even just regular grinding it will help you a lot. As for Power Strike, you start putting points into it around your 20's so it will be useful during Kpq or other forms of single-mob slaying which will save you some pots. Then Improved Max HP as it's a % increase overall not by level. As for your remaining points, they're put into Iron Body to allow a small boost in defense. (And there's no where else to put them.

2nd Job : Fighter (Level 30~70)(121 Skill Points)
20 Weapon Mastery (MAX)
6 Weapon booster (6)
20 Ground Smash (MAX)
20 Final Attack (MAX)
20 Rage (MAX)
20 Power Guard (MAX)
14 Weapon booster (MAX)
This is where multiple different skill guides/builds come into play. I advise this build as it makes the most sense progressively as you advance through your levels. Mastery & Booster first of course for the accuracy/damage increase & speed which will allow you to attack faster. Maxing Booster before putting points in improved fundamentals is up to you. I chose this because it will save me pots and still compensate [somewhat] for the damage you'd otherwise be doing. Final Attack next for the greater damage while attacking a single or multiple target(s). Rage comes after, but it is really useful until late 3rd early 4th job when you'll first start partying with people who will be using apples. -->(NEVER RAGE WHEN PEOPLE ARE ON APPLES.)<-- It will help you get into more boss fights if you know what your doing. Power Guard, what a useful skill for leeching. When you max this is based on how you play, if your going to be leeching from 30+ max it first, if you plan on just grinding or partying with people save it for last. Then your last point gets put into Iron Body.

3rd Job : Crusader (Level 70~120)(151 Skill Points)
20 Combo Attack (MAX)
20 Brandish (MAX)
20 Coma (MAX)
20 Chance Attack (MAX)
20 Panic (MAX)
20 Shout (MAX)
20 Magic Crash (MAX)
11 Improving MP recovery ( 11 )
There's not really any alterations that you could make in this. Combo for the big increase, then Brandish which I'm sure everyone is looking forward to. Coma is next for improved mobbing, then Panic for bossing, followed by Shout & Chance Attack which always should be maxed together. Then Magic Crash, which is EXTREMELY useful for later on and it is a MUST. Improving MP Recovery helps you save some mp pots later on while bossing to clear out some extra space in your USE inventory section.

4th Job : Hero (Level 120~200)(243 Skill Points)
1 Rush ( 1 ) 1 Monster Magnet ( 1 ) 1 Advanced Combo ( 1 )
29 Advanced Combo (MAX)
30 Brave Slash (MAX)
10 Combat Mastery (MAX)
30 Power Stance (MAX)
30 Enrage (MAX)
5 Hero's Will (MAX)
30 Achilles (MAX)
29 Monster Magnet (MAX)
17 Rush (18)
30 Maple Warrior (MAX)
This build can vary a lot, it just depends upon your methodology. If your going to be bossing a lot I would follow this build. As that's what I've built it around. Advanced Combo then Braveslash & Combat Mastery (CM IS A MUST) for the same reasons as Combo & Brandish. Rush is helpful in any scenario really. It's only useful to put 1 point in toward the beginning unless your going to be anegoing/bfing your way to 160+. Enrage is your 4th job finisher that you'll be using. Power Stance & Hero's Will are a must for bossing. Achilles save you plenty of pots. Monster Magnet is helpful in training then put some points into rush to improve it a little. And Maple Warrior last as people won't depend on you for it & it's extremely expensive.

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Nov 26 10
Bera Hermit
u messed up on the 2nd job build
Nov 26 10
Chaos Chief Bandit
How so?
Nov 26 10
DemethosGMS Night Lord
Umm i hope this is right ill bookmark this
Nov 26 10*
Bera Hayato 4
Ground Smash is an amazing 2nd job skill, once you have it you'll barely touch PS/SB again.

Combo, Coma, and Shout aren't 30 SP skills anymore, where is Panic?
Nov 26 10*
Windia Hero
LucLocke: How so?

Final Attack actually requires 20 skill points to max, so therefore, you'll max everything except Ground Smash.

And also, all the Crusader skills' max level are level 20, so you can only max 7 out of 8 Crusader skills.
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Nov 26 10*
Chaos Chief Bandit
Mancartia: Ground Smash is an amazing 2nd job skill, once you have it you'll barely touch PS/SB again.

Combo, Coma, and Shout aren't 30 SP skills anymore, where is Panic?

They are all 30 in the BigBang.

Scratch that I misunderstood.
Nov 26 10
Scania Hero
I think improved max h.p should be maxed after power strike due to the fact it increase the total HP and not the amount of HP gained at level up.
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Nov 26 10
Chaos Chief Bandit
Rexaar: I think improved max h.p should be maxed after power strike due to the fact it increase the total HP and not the amount of HP gained at level up.

My friends found it much easier to level with it first so you can survive longer and it saves you money on pots if your just starting out.
Nov 26 10
Khaini Hero
Your hero build is spot on though the first 3 points from 120 need to go into adv combo, monster magnet and rush then follow the build you have set out. With the sader build I would not opt for maxking shout as lvl one monster magnet just replaces it. Chance attack can be maxed after coma your going to be using that when your mobbing coma the mob then brandish to take advantage of chance attack.

Other then those few things this build is very good(its bascially what I was planning to do)

unless you plan to HT or PB anytime soon heroes will is kinda useless not to meation the quest to get it is a pain in the ass. So you can start maxin either acchiles or MW whichever the person wants. No one is gonna depend on you for it in a boss run but its nice to have in training.
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